SATA newbie

  ThePharcyde007 16:31 14 Nov 2005

My harddrive failed, so purchased a SATA to run my OS and my other 120GB IDE as a backup drive.

In Bios I have set the SATA to be in enhanced mode in the IDE settings, and everything works find. PC Boots into Windows XP MCE 2005 but......

I used Bootvis.exe, because the boot time was slow, with the blue bar sweeping around 15+ times before it gets to the Windows welcome screen. I ran this, and I found that the initialisation of the SATA (C:) was taking around 5secs plus in which time looking at the HDD light there is no activity, then 5 bar sweeps it then kicks in and passes another 10 times before loading.

What is going wrong, the inintialise 2secs max, my old 40GB which failed running on IDE was quick.

I think it is related to the boot sector needing adjusting, but cannot find any info on this.

Can anyone shed some light as to what I can do.

My PC has quite a few components (built myself)which may account for the other 10 sweeps!

P4 3.4
1GB Ram
120 IDE
Trust 5.1 sound card
Win PVR 250

Cheers, this is really niggling me, because the rest of the system flies when its logged into win XP.

  howard63 16:44 14 Nov 2005

have you tried the faqs on the makers site?

  ThePharcyde007 16:53 14 Nov 2005

its a useless generic manual which does not even mention it being a SATA but IDE, and no FAQ's

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