SATA / LG DVD RAM / Norton Ghost9.0 – before I

  Diggory 12:58 12 Jun 2005

Thought I would ask for some advise to avoid calamitous events. I have been running for some time without a back-up system (fingers crossed & all that) so thought it time I put something in place. Have bought a second HDD (Seagate 120GB SATA, same as my single OS and data disk), LG4263 DVD/CD writer and Norton Ghost9.0. Thought I would check out the Forum before jumping in. Initial plan was to back-up my data to second HDD + take images (less frequent) to DVD (RAM) as belt & braces. Having now seen that Ghost9.0 can image the entire disk (OS and all) I am wondering if I should do this. I found the Norton user guide very vague – maybe clearer when its all installed (I hope).

1. Is it easy / advisable to image the whole thing to a second SATA in this way
2. Am I correct in assuming that providing the imaged SATA HDD is not the main BIOS selected boot HDD that there should not be a problem
3. The Norton Gde suggests following a whole disk image that you make the imaged SATA HDD the boot disk – do I have to + why is this
4. Norton guide suggests that you should not format / partition new HDD if you are going to image whole HDD – does this work okay
5. I have got 4 partitions on my single / source HDD: one for OS, 2 for data & a small one for swap files – will this cause grief / are dealt with as separate HDDs
6. Can I do an incremental HDD image – ie will it image only files that have been modified since last image or is it a complete re-write each time
7. Bit confused about the Boot CD / floppy Forum posts – does the Ghost9.0 CD include an oven-ready XP compatible emergency boot disk or do I have to make one
8. DVD RAM – I am aware Norton does not support RAM but I may still use this to copy imaged data from the imaged HDD. I plan to use the native XP Professional drag & drop which I believe only supports FAT32 – source HDD is NTFS, would this cause grief
9. Similarly, I was planning to turn off native XP CD writing capability to the LG drive but not sure if this would also disable NERO’s ability to burn CDs on that drive
10. I have bought some 3xspeed DVD RAMs (ver 2.1) will these be okay in the LG (I assume that this is a backwards compat issue)
11. Would I be well advised to fit the LG drive and take some copies of my data to DVD RAM before I start messing about with Ghost + fitting additional HDD
12 Finally, where are the elephant traps – what should I watch out for (the Norton Ghost9.0 posts are a bit mixed to say the least !)

Apologies for long post but I remember when I built the PC – I looked at the RAID instructions and thought yeah, yeah, yeah, read / do that latter – too late now (doh....hindsight)

Ta Muchly,


  Diggory 08:34 15 Jun 2005

I got a bit carried away - too long.
Pls ignore this one.


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