SATA & IDE Hard Drive and DVD Conflict

  Daughts 10:16 19 Nov 2006

Hi, first time user who could do with some help. I have built my own PC with a 120GB SATA Seagate hard drive and Plextor PX-760A DVD combi drive. I temporarilly disconnected the DVD drive to connect a Slave IDE hard drive to download a file from the slave device. This worked fine but now if i try reconnecting the DVD the computer freezes on the ASUS manufacturer's screen and won't even allow access to the BIOS. If i disconnect the DVD it boots fine and if i reconnect the slave device it works fine. Can anyone offer any would be much appreciated.

  thms 10:45 19 Nov 2006

How are you connecting your DVD drive?
Are you using Primary or Sencondary IDE connector?

Also check the jumper on the back of the drive.
I have had this problem before and found the drive would only work when jumper was set to CS (CABLE SELECT).

  Daughts 12:45 19 Nov 2006

Thanks for your reply thms. The dvd is connected to the secondary ide and the hard drive is connected to the primary SATA. It only works if nothing is connected to both the primary or secondary ide channels, or if only the slave drive is connected to the secondary ide channel. I want to get rid of the slave drive and reconnect the dvd to the secondary ide but it prevents windows from booting and freezes on the motherboard manufacturer's screen preventing access to BIOS. Any other suggestions?

  goonerbill © ® 13:09 19 Nov 2006

what ASUS motherboard do you have. sounds like you haven't changed the order of device booting in the bios (my guess). you need to select booting from sata (or hard drive model number as in mine, also asus, A8N SLI SE).

post back and either i or someone else will set you in the right direction.

  Daughts 13:32 19 Nov 2006

It's an ASUS A8N-E. The boot order is set to hard disk only and the only hard drive is the SATA as the slave has been disconnected. As soon as the DVD is connected to the secondary ide i can't even get into the BIOS screen.

  Daughts 16:17 20 Nov 2006

Would connecting the DVD onto the same ide cable as the slave drive by-pass the problem?

  jimv7 17:16 20 Nov 2006

In the bios if there is no sata option, set the 1st boot from cd, the 2nd boot from scsi.

  thms 18:00 20 Nov 2006

I have that board and there is no option for scsi.
Boot options are hard drive, cd, floppy, or bootable card.

Try disconnecting DVD and set bios to default setting.

Also check the back of your DVD to make sure none of the pins are bent. Could be shorting out. Have you another drive to try as the drive may be faulty.

If I remember there is another boot option in bios can't remember of hand will need to re-boot and check.

  thms 18:15 20 Nov 2006

Tell a lie. It's at post you hit f8 for boot menu.
But if you cannot get that far it wont do you any good. May be a silly suggestion but have you got the cable round the right way. i.e is the correct end connected to your motherboard.

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