sata and ide drives together

  KPC 16:14 17 Jul 2008

I have bought a sata wd caviar drive 160gb to replace an 80gb ide maxtor drive as the main vista drive. the vista operating system is still on the maxtor and i have put vista on the new drive which was fine. when i connected the old drive, when it booted it went to that drive and loaded the old vista. so i made it a slave hoping it would load from the sata drive. but now all i keep getting is a black screen and the message
" reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"... what does this mean. even when i unplug the power to the old drive and reboot it still throws this message up.

  Pine Man 16:38 17 Jul 2008

I suspect that the only way out of this is to reformat the old IDE drive as it contains the MBR and will always try and boot first.

  KPC 16:45 17 Jul 2008

but with the new drive with vista on it and the old drive completely unplugged, why wont it recognise there is now only that operating system and boot from the new drive.

  KPC 16:46 17 Jul 2008

what is mbr

  KPC 16:49 17 Jul 2008

also, i have just reconnected the old drive and it booted no problem from this drive and i am using it now. it said something earlier as well but only once about the ntldr is missing but that hasnt shown since

  nosharpe 16:55 17 Jul 2008

you need to set the BIOS to boot from the Sata HDD and remove the IDE HDD if it is listed.
No need to reformat the IDE HDD.
Also list the CD/DVD drive to boot as 2nd option after the Sata HDD.

How did you install Vista on the Sata HDD - i.e. did you load the CD/DVD drive and restart the PC or did it load your old IDE HDD o/s first?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:55 17 Jul 2008

You need to got into BIOS and set the SATA drive as the first boot device.

It my be listed in BIOS as a SCCSI drive

  KPC 17:04 17 Jul 2008

i loaded it from cd, then connected the other drive when everything was set up, but now it only wants to boot from the old drive. i will try what you and fruitbat have suggested and get back in 5 mins. thanks

  gazzaho 17:06 17 Jul 2008

Have you tried the boot device order in the BIOS? Is it set to use the new drive before using the old one? It might be worth checking this before re-formatting the old drive.

  gazzaho 17:08 17 Jul 2008

Sorry for suggesting the same options, I was typing it as it was being posted lol.

  KPC 17:12 17 Jul 2008

this is odd. i went into the bios and in the boot list, it recognises my sata cd dvd rw in sata 2 as the first, the second is the old drive, the third is the floppy. it isnt recognising my new drive in sata 1

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