SATA and IDE Drive compatibility

  HasH 22:14 25 Feb 2005

Can you use these 2 types of devices together? i tried putting both in my new system together and a message saying theres a drive misconfiguration. If it is possible does anyone know how? The jumpers are all correct.

  jimv7 22:16 25 Feb 2005

How have you connected the sata drive.

  FelixTCat 22:17 25 Feb 2005

Yes, you can. Your mothermoard must have the correct connectors for SATA

On my system the BIOS gives me a choice of whether to boot from the IDE or SATA drives.

  HasH 11:39 26 Feb 2005

I have connected the power cable and have connected the drive to the drive to the motherboard, i managed to get the drive working yesterday but i have come across a new problem.

Yesterday i restored a drive image of my current IDE drive onto the SATA drive but the OS does not load. Its set to boot from SATA in the BIOS.

' _ ' <-----This line keeps flashing and does nothing after that.

Anyone know what this means or how i can sort it out.

  mattyc_92 13:21 26 Feb 2005

Quote from your post....

"Yes, you can. Your mothermoard must have the correct connectors for SATA"

This isn't exactly true... I have a SATA drive and my MotherBoard doesn't support it, so I had to buy a Serial ATA Controller PCI card.... I have configured Windows to boot from the SATA drive and my IDE drive as a backup disk for Acronis...

  daxian 13:39 26 Feb 2005

hi all have just had to sort out a computer with sata drives ....
i found that the operating system needs to have drivers loaded before instalation will see the drive ( being a relativly new technology)
so mirroring or cloning of drives wont work in my opinion .....
you may need to install the operating system and the drivers the normal way .....hope this helps D.

  FelixTCat 13:44 26 Feb 2005

OK Point taken. You can get an expansion card for almost anything.


It is almost impossible to image an XP installation to different hardware because different drivers are required. Unlike Win 98, which merely loads the new drivers, WinXP just sulks. In particular, SATA requires a driver for the drive to be recognised and the image won't contain it.

With my setup I have installed XP on both (they are big drives). I use one for everyday use and the other for experimantation - nothing then wrecks my main installation.

  HasH 18:15 26 Feb 2005

Cheers folks, i installed winxp from strach and it now works, even though it was a pain putting everything on again, oh well cant have everything.

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