Sata Hdd not seen in Bios

  clucker 11:54 21 Aug 2011

Hi. I have changed my Motherboard and cpu (Asus P5G41T-m LX & Intel E6600), All other parts are original; 200Gb Sata Hdd (data Storage only), 500Gb sata Hdd, (Windows 7 O/s installed)& 2 Opticle drives on IDE.When the system boots and I go in the Bios the 2 Opticle drives are identified on the IDE but only the 200Gb Hdd is recognised, the 500 Gb Hdd is not recognised, I have tried different sata & power leads and all different configurations in the Bios to try and "find" the Hdd. It is still not seen in the Bios, any ideas anyone..?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:18 21 Aug 2011

Sometimes you have to Enable some SATA ports in the BIOS.

If your booting from a SATA drive boot files need to be on the first SATA port (0)

  clucker 12:37 21 Aug 2011

The Motherboard auto detects Sata, there is nothing I can do in the Bios, how do I get drive boot files on the first sata port.?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 21 Aug 2011

Which drive is your op system on? 500G or 200G this is the one that needs to be in the first port (0) may be marked as 1 on the board.

if it boots to windows then its already in the first port.

  clucker 20:46 21 Aug 2011

The O/S is on the 500Gb, Windows 7, it is plugged into Sata 1,the first port, the pc does not boot to windows, if I dont hit delete to bring up the bios it sits at a black screen with a cursor flashing in the top left corner,(looks like the Dos screen). it is strange as it recognises the 200 Gb drive which only holds data, no O/S..! The 500gb drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11. I have tried removing the jumper on the drive so it operates at 3Gb/s, still no joy..!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:51 21 Aug 2011

Plug 500 into SATA 2 and 200 into SATA 3 and see what happens

  clucker 22:14 21 Aug 2011

Still not detected, but 200Gb drive is in 3. Have also tried different combinations of drives in various Sata ports, also have tried the 500 drive in each port without the 200 drive connected.

  clucker 21:34 22 Aug 2011


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:20 22 Aug 2011

Looking like the 500G drive is kaput. 09:23 23 Aug 2011

Is there any bios update needed for the new mobo to see the 500gb Sata?

Cheers! Bill

  clucker 21:04 23 Aug 2011

Don't know Bill.!!

Although I have tried the drive in another PC and I could hear the drive spinning but could not see it in "My Computer" Might be because the PC was running Windows XP.??? (HDD has Windows 7 on it)

If there is a Bios update how could I install it, all the advice I have seen about Bios updates refer to installing via floppy drives and this board does not have a floopy port, not that I have a floppy drive any way, not used one for many years.

(Asus P5G41T-m LX)

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