Sata Hdd Drivers

  leedsafc 19:04 10 May 2007

I am in the process of building a Media Center system using Win MCE 2005 as the OS. I will be using a Western digital 300gb Sata Hdd. When i have built other systems installing XP home on a Sata Hdd i had to extract drivers from the motherboard Cd onto a floppy disc. The problem is that there is no Floppy disc drive on the proposed system i am building although there is a provision on the Motherboard. the Motherboard is a P4M 915G/P2. Any advice would be appreciated

  silliw 19:29 10 May 2007

Why cant you load the drivers directly from the cd, this is what I did with my Asus board?

  leedsafc 20:09 10 May 2007

Thanks for the reply. I did not think that it was an option as when i have installed XP Home i had to press F6 for raid installation via floppy disc but perhaps MCE is different. Whilst on the subject but on a tangent is it preferable to partition the HDD or just leave one partition as i will only be using it strictly as a Media Center? Sorry for the digression.

  leedsafc 19:01 11 May 2007

Has anyone got any input/ideas on this thread

  ICF 19:14 11 May 2007

Just plug it in and the bios should detect it no need to install drivers uless your using raid.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 11 May 2007

On newer system SATA driers are built into the BIOS

Try boot ing with XP CD ignore the F6 prompt and see if XP cn see the drive and install as normal.

  leedsafc 19:20 11 May 2007

Thanks for the replies most helpful. On the question of partitioning has anyone any thoughts.

  ICF 07:29 12 May 2007

I would partion it.If XP goes duff you can reinstall it without losing all your other data.Of course this won't help you if the hard drive goes duff

  leedsafc 09:43 12 May 2007

Can see where you are coming from on this but i only intend using the system for media if that makes sense!

  ICF 09:50 12 May 2007

No it doesn't data is data it doesn't matter what form it takes ie movies,songs,pictures or a novel your writing.When windows goes bang like it does from time to time you will be glad you partitioned your drive and you could even put an image of the operating system on the partion.

Of course you good never have a problem and never need to reinstall or use your image to get you out of the dreaded blue screen.

  leedsafc 12:35 12 May 2007

Sound advice thank you. So How much space would you suggest for the OS on a 300gb HDD?

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