SATA hdd advice please.

  second best 01:08 27 May 2004

hi, i have an MSI KT6 DELTA/FISR with raid and SATA. i would like to add another drive if possible, this being a sata drive. i do a lot of digital editing, and want my machine to be as fast as possible. i have an amd xp3200 with 1 gig ddr 400 ram. i have 2 other drives. currently my o's is on a nikimi 20 gig 5400, and data on a seperate 40 gig seagate. can someone tell me the best solution.

  Chegs ® 01:42 27 May 2004

My experiences with IDE and SATA hdd's on the same system showed that the mere presence of the IDE hdd created a really slow system.I had a 7,200RPM Maxtor IDE hdd with 2x Maxtor SATA hdd's.I sorted my slow system by simply removing the IDE,then reinstalling XP.I reinstalled XP as removal of the IDE alone didn't speed up my system at all.The difference in speed between IDE and SATA isn't really apparent in use,it only becomes obvious when running a hdd speed tester.I have a few previous postings in PCA with details of various members SATA speed tests,but as it was a while ago and the PCA search is acting dumb it will take me awhile to relocate it(even in my postings as I have over 20 pages since xmas and it was from before then,sorry)

  second best 12:33 27 May 2004

thanks chegs. i actually done a search earlier and came across some of your threads. one of which you had trouble getting any replies from :) i have just read that if i am to be doing video editing, that it would be best to have a seperate drive for the footage, as sharing with the os would slow it down. a lot of people seem to have slight problems installing sata drives, and windows reporting far smaller sizes than expected. can you advise on a web site to buy from.

  Chegs ® 14:58 27 May 2004

I bought my SATA gear via Ebay.Once you have the BIOS settings correct the rest is a piece of p***

My only hassle now is if I turn off my puter for any length of time,I have to enter BIOS for a while to give the SATA hdd's time to warm up or I get "Incomplete RAID set" errors.I have tried using them as vast storage(Si3112 driver)but got sick of having to reinstall everything every few days.This was why I opted to try a RAID cfg,but still get grief if I switch off.

  second best 15:09 27 May 2004

well then, that said, i think i'll opt for the standard ide ata drives, little cheaper, but a hell of alot easier. last thing i need while editing video is to be messing around with configurations. 2 x 250 7200 i think. thanks.

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