sata hdd

  picklsey 06:54 21 Oct 2005

i installed a second h/d to my pc 300g/b sata everything appeared correct my problem is although i can copy and paste files or drag and drop files to it i don,t seem to be able to right click and send files to it,so i assume i havn,t set it up correctly (not like me)any help on this please.thanks.xp home

  picklsey 12:27 21 Oct 2005

anyone please.

  anskyber 12:53 21 Oct 2005

I will probably get drummed out of PCA for this but if you try PC Pro forums there are some serious technofrieks over there who I am sure will help.

  anskyber 12:55 21 Oct 2005

Here click here

  britto 12:55 21 Oct 2005

right click the drive and send shortcut to the desktop then cut and paste this to your sent to folder in windows

  britto 13:11 21 Oct 2005

sorry, the send to folder in xp is in "c documents and settings" you may need to enable view hidden folders in folder options.

  britto 13:21 21 Oct 2005
  picklsey 04:31 22 Oct 2005

sorry for the delay in responding not long moved house million and one things to do.followed britto,s link that will do nicely for now.thanks for the help.

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