sata hd power cable

  iqs 13:57 10 Aug 2007

Hi.I have just received my WD Sata HD.It was the retail ver.

Reading the instructions has caused me some concern.Connecting the SATA lead to the motherborad is simple,using the supplied lead.But the instructions state that I must use a SATA power cable,not supplied.

I was hoping to use the spare PC molex lead to power the drive.The drive has a molex socket.Can I still power the drive via molex,or must I purchase the SATA power cable.And how does the SATA power cable connect to the power supply.

Also ,can I use XP to set up the new HD,or the supplied disc.

Thank you.


  pj123 14:08 10 Aug 2007

A SATA power cable looks like this:

click here=

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:13 10 Aug 2007

The drive has a molex socket.Can I still power the drive via molex


This allow the sata drives to be use with older PSUs not fitted with SATA power connectors

  ambra4 16:22 10 Aug 2007

You ca buy a sata power adapter that would change the normal white connector to the sata black connector, they come single or double

  iqs 21:34 10 Aug 2007

pj123,Fruit Bat/\0/\ and ambra4.

I have not checked if my power supply has a sata power cable,it should do.The PC is only four months old.There is spare molex power plugs,these will do for now.

Thanks for answering this question,but any advice on the best way to set up the harddrive,disc or XP?.Many thanks for your help

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