SATA HD controller for an IDE based system?

  Red Devil 07:25 23 Apr 2007

Hi all,

I'm looking to upgrade my PC as the core of it is a little dated now - 1.3Ghz Pentium IV, 512Mb Ram, Matrox Millemium G400 graphics card & fairly dated HD's now - and I always prefer to upgrade my PC myself rather than go out and buy a whole new PC. |That way I can get EXACTLY the computer I want and I've been doing it this way for years now.

I'm looking at having SATA HD's rather than IDE for this system and herein lies my problem. Normally I would but a MoBo, Processor and Ram first followed by a new graphics card before getting new HDs but HD space on my current system is now at a premium.

I take a lot of video footage with my digital camcorder and downloading a tape takes up several GB of HD space. I'm now down to less than 10Gb on BOTH my HDs. I'm looking at getting a Samsung Spinpoint 500Gb SATA HD which will increase my HD space from 338Gb to 735Gb before upping it to 1Tb when I get a second one.

My current system only supports IDE HDs so, if I want to get a new SATA HD, I need to buy some form of controller so that I can use it in my current system.

Does anyone know of - or can recommend - an SATA controller that I can buy at the same time I get my new HDs?

Mucho appreciated.

  BRYNIT 09:10 23 Apr 2007

Don't now if these will help

click here

click here

  Jack Hackett 09:16 23 Apr 2007

Are you just upgrading to a SATA drive? or are you going for major upgrade (new build) ie, new board, CPU and RAM etc.

If your going for a new board etc, they nearly all come with onboard SATA and IDE connections.

  Red Devil 19:57 23 Apr 2007

Initially I'm upgrading to a SATA drive.

I do intend to upgrade my board, CPU, RAM etc but it's going to take a few months before I can afford to do all that and my quickly decreasing HD space is becoming a little bit of an issue at the moment.


  skidzy 20:13 23 Apr 2007

Not an answer to your question,but have you thought of an external drive for now.PC World have a 400GB external drive for around £80 at the moment.

Then when you have enough money together maybe upgrade to a motherboard bundle such as click here

  hssutton 20:58 23 Apr 2007

I have just done much the same, bought two 500gb samsung sata drive,and used a PCI Sata Controller
click here. I then used two spare bays in my PC fitting the H/drives into
click here

I'm highly delighted with this setup

  Red Devil 11:33 24 Apr 2007

Many thanks for that. That's EXACTLY the type of solution I was looking for.

I've bought that SATA controller from E-Buyer.

I was struggling to find the 500Gb Samsung Spinpoint HD anywhere at first. I tried my preferred supplier, Novatech, but they didn't have any in stock. Neither did E-Buyer or Dabs. I even tried the new Savastore/Saverstore website for a laugh but still no luck.

Then I found it on Overclockers UK and it was one of the cheapest places advertising it as well. Cheaper even than the places that were advertising it but that didn't have any stock currently.

So, all in all, it all looks promising and I'm fairly well pleased.

Many thanks to all those that offered suggestions and help. It was much appreciated.

  hssutton 14:28 24 Apr 2007

Pleased you're now sorted, if you have the spare bays in your PC, then the other items I mentioned are just great, as you can just slide your new drives in and out at will. They cost me £9 each from a local computer shop

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