Sata hard drive not being recognised on bootup

  BattyWally 10:34 08 Jul 2011

I have recently had a problem with my on board network adapter, telling me the cable was unplugged when it plainly was not and was OK the last time the PC was used. I am running XP Pro with SP3 with 3GB RAM. I have a 40GB hard drive as the master and a 250GB SATA as slave. At the same time that I had the network card trouble, the shortcut icon for the Sata drive had the red question mark on it, and clicking it gave a message " The drive drive or network connection .... is unavailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network is available and try again". I installed a network card and rebooted and a Broadband connection was effected, but the SATA Drive problem remained. It's not recognised by bios or device manager. Any ideas how to solve this problem please?

  rdave13 10:48 08 Jul 2011

I would check the sata cable connections to the hard drive and motherboard. If not a latching lock type then it could have worked lose.

  BattyWally 14:50 08 Jul 2011

Thanks Dave - tried that but no joy. Looks like the drive is U/S. Bit annoyed as I haven't had it that long, it's the newest bit of h/ware on the PC, which is only used once a week. :{

  gengiscant 15:26 08 Jul 2011

Can you try it either in an external drive caddy or another PC?

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