SATA hard disks - how much faster?

  Number six 22:21 25 Jun 2006

I was just wondering how much faster the new SATA hard disks are in real terms? I remember reading somewhere that even though the old UDMA100 interface could in theory transfer data at 100 MB/S, you are in fact limited by the actual physical read/write speed of the HD itself, which is only around 30 MB/S. If this is the case, then surely a faster interface would make no difference to transfer speeds?

  Stuartli 22:25 25 Jun 2006
  DieSse 22:32 25 Jun 2006

Whilst what you say is true - transfers can come out of the in-drive cache - which is faster than actual drive reading rates.

So to get the bset advantage, the drive should have the largest cache that you can get.

However overall performance gains in practice are likely to be modest.

As drives reach greater packing densities for the data on the surface, then even for a certain rotational speedm more data will be read off in a given time - so the actual sustained reading rate will get higher.

So it's not starightforward however you look at it.

  Number six 22:43 25 Jun 2006

Hi Stuartli, DieSse. Interesting comments. It is a bit like expecting a printer connected via USB2 to work 40 times faster than USB1!

  Stuartli 22:45 25 Jun 2006

My Epson R300 works at the same speed whether used (originally) with USB1.1 or USB2.0...:-)

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