SATA ERROR - Controller 0, Channel 0, Master

  geogeomac 21:33 30 May 2005

Have got a SATA 250 gb drive. All of a sudden the above error meessage appears. Cant get access to the drive (where My Docs r) ans XP wont boot up if drive is connected. Had to disconnect drive so PC will boot up. IS ALL MY DATA LOST in this drive, or can I retrieve some of it. It was partitioned into 3 drives. Any advice or help would be appreciated.. Newcomer to this site.

  stalion 21:50 30 May 2005

Hi and welcome to the forum. I am not familiar with your problem and I do not know how experienced you are with computers. I have found this which may help you also wait for more replies Regards
click here

  geogeomac 22:06 30 May 2005

Hi Stalion - thankx for replying.Bit more info - Sata drive is not my main HDD, it was working fine, then I have a power problem on another drive, and after i got this fixd the error 'DISC FAILED, disc location ,controller 0, Channel 0, master.' occurred. If I boot up without the drive connected (power or red sata cable), then plug the other cable in, I get the above error message. Is my data all lost, or is it a power failure ? In COMPUTER MANAGEMENT in ADMIN, there is no sign of the drive, but in Device Manager(disk drives), it recognises it but with errors - Cheers

  stalion 19:23 31 May 2005


  stalion 20:33 31 May 2005

anyone have any knowledge on this

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