SATA DVD-Writer Not Seen in Boot options

  sil_ver 13:50 04 Aug 2007

Recently bought and fitted a SATA I DVD-Writer and it works fine, is seen at boot-up and is available in Windows. My problem is the drive is not seen in BIOS 'Boot Options' so can't use it as 'First Boot Device' which rather spoils things as I wanted to use it as, I'm told, it will load a fresh WinXP install quicker. Anyone know how to get round this limitation?

  dan* 13:53 04 Aug 2007

What is the make and model of the motherboard and which SATA channel is it connected to.

  sil_ver 14:06 04 Aug 2007

ASROCK 939 Dual-SATA2.
At the moment the DVD is connected to SATA channel 1 but I've tried it in both channels. The SATA II channel has a SATA II HDD connected.

  sil_ver 17:16 04 Aug 2007


  Why wont it work 17:19 04 Aug 2007

Does the SATA port support optical drives? Check the manual, I have seen sata connections that only support HDDs.

It's possible that a BIOS update could help, but if you don't know what you're doing they can really mess your pc up.

  dan* 18:58 04 Aug 2007

I have been out and just got back.

In the bios under IDe configuration. What are your SATA operations mode setting?

  sil_ver 19:14 04 Aug 2007

Dan: Set to IDE

WhyWontITWork: Nothing specific in manual. Possibly a BIOS update might work but I'd consult Mobo Manfs first as there is nothing in the updates about SATA

  dan* 19:30 04 Aug 2007

If you are not using the IDE channels, then disable them. As in onboard IDE controller.

Is the SATA operations mode set to raid, if it is disable it.

then try auto detect for




see if it picks the dvdup and then look in boot options.

If it is shown, highlight it and move it to first boot option.

  sil_ver 19:54 04 Aug 2007

Thanks Dan, I'll have a look and see what's what and get back

  sil_ver 21:16 04 Aug 2007

Result!! Thanks Dan that's what the problem was, it was set to 'RAID' so reset it to Non-RAID. I now have a bootable SATA DVD drive

  dan* 21:54 04 Aug 2007

thats good.

it's usually just a switch in the bios. Thing is, as they get more complex they are more switches to check.

Pleased you have it sorted.

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