sata drives turning off, again!

  [email protected] 19:41 13 Aug 2008

i don't believe this, 2 months ago i built a pc my my girlfriend, nothing but problems with the sata drives turning off randomly and locking up the system, i replaced the asus motherboard with an msi diamond and one of the drives ran too hot, replaced these with samsung F1' which ran cool.
they have started the turning off and on again! what can this be?? it's driving me nuts nobody has ever seen it before, it can be hardware.... because i have replaced it all!!
active smart reports disks at full health. i arrived booted up 'running checkdsk' imported 12 orphaned files and booted. 2 hours later i heard a drive spin down and system froze.
im really at the end of the line here, this is the 6th pc i have built (ist and last nvid) i dont know what else to try!
oh, and after the crash bios cant find either drive till i reset c'mos?? what the hell is that about?
all power options set to performance, never power off anything, latest bios (2.1) optimised defaults q fan on, cpu fan just on,
max temps since build
cpu 51c
motherboard 29c
graphics 80c max
hard drives now under 30c

please help me!

msi K9N2
amd 9850 BE (zalman tianium flower)
2 x 2 gb 6400 corsiar
2 x cheap g260 card
creative x~fi
coolermaster 850 watt real power psu

xp pro 64

this will kill me please make it stop!

  Ditch999 20:08 13 Aug 2008

Have you replaced or put a bigger PSU in?

  [email protected] 20:11 13 Aug 2008

yeah it's had a 700 watt and the one in it now is nvidia quadro approved, it completely random. i just removed all nvidia drivers except ethernet and display it's ok so far.
im trying to work out what nvidia mediaguard is, it's all over event viewer

  Ditch999 20:44 13 Aug 2008

A single GTX260 requires minimum of 500W and 36 Amps on the +12v. I see that your PSU has 6 x 12v rails. What is the output on each rail?

And dont forget you have two GTX260s installed.

  Ditch999 21:25 13 Aug 2008

First thing I noticed was on checking the Nvidia SLI Zone for approved PSUs was that most were over 1000watt for 2 x GTX260s

Your PSU has 6 x 12v rails as follows

12v 1 = 18Amp
12v 2 = 18Amp
12v 3 = 28Amp
12v 4 = 28Amp
12v 5 = 18Amp
12v 6 = 18Amp

Even if you combine rails 1 + 2 you are hitting the minimum for a GTX260, and thats as long as you have nothing else connected on that rail.

Is there some way of knowing what cable is what rail on the PSU? I DLd the data sheet and see the 6 molex and 4 PCIe connections on the rear but cant see what the PCIe connections output and if they are shared with the molex (some must be shared as there is 10 connections but only 6 rails)

How many other devices are connected to it?

  I am Spartacus 21:58 13 Aug 2008

Maybe try running it in safe mode for a while to see if it still happens? If it doesn't then it could be a driver issue. Having experienced Creatives 'skill' in driver writing the x-fi would probably then be the first thing to remove together with the drivers to see what happens.

  [email protected] 22:38 13 Aug 2008

it did it with 1 8800gtx, and pci rail are dedicated anyway, in fact every rail is dedicated i think, it's either an nvflash problem, an acpi problem or an unknown. event viewer is full of nvidia warnings. thing is it's been fine for weeks, thanks for replies guys

  Ditch999 22:42 13 Aug 2008

8800GTX requires 32Amps

No luck on the MSI forum then ;-)

  Ditch999 22:50 13 Aug 2008

NVIDIA MediaShield Storage Technology
Provides a simple point and click wizard-based interface for creating and managing multi-disk storage configurations. Allows multi-disk designs to be set up for maximum performance (RAID 0), for data protection (RAID 1), or for a combination of both performance and protection (RAID 0+1 and RAID 5). Also allows RAID volumes to be converted from one configuration to another with a single operation. Uniquely allows users to assign an extra disk to any RAID volume so that should a disk failure occur, NVIDIA RAID will automatically remove the failed disk and replace it with the spare.

  woodchip 22:52 13 Aug 2008

It sounds like buggy drivers as BIOS is not always picking drives up. or faulty drive cables or as a last shot another faulty mobo, but doubt that one

  [email protected] 22:56 13 Aug 2008

no luck on any forum, it's as if im the first, i think it's something blindingly obvious, but as i said it's been fine for weeks. 88gtx is fine with 28amps. my problem is not with graphics cards or power supplies i can assure you of that.

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