SATA drives

  Liza 16:10 12 Feb 2005

Cannot install 2 80 gigs SATA drives. Connected with SATA ribbons and power connectors but problem because XP says manufacturer's txtsetup.oem file could not be found from the drivers disk I offered. I copied the drivers from the cdrom that came with gigbyte motherboard. Should they have provided me with a special RAID/SATA drivers disk? Please advise. Thanks

  mrdsgs 16:44 12 Feb 2005

are these new drives fora new windows installation or for data onan existing system.

Either way you need to load drivers, if its a new installation you have to "hit F6" when asked for "third party...drivers" early in the installation.. If existing, you can do it within windows.

More system specs needed. I use gigabyte boards and can talk you through it.

if new installation you must use a floppy disk for drivers, if existing, then you can load drivers direct from the gigabyte cd.

with sata drives are you trying to create a RAID array or just 2 separate 80 gig drives each with their own drive letter?


  Liza 17:20 12 Feb 2005

Hello mrdsgs
They are new drives. I used a floppy to provide drivers but the drivers were probably not fully copied because I found it hard to copy them on 1.44 mb more space was needed which floppy cannot provide. I have a 120 drive but it has to be slaved to cdrom and slaving is not allowed. How do I copy please.

Another thing when does one use a pci card for SATA?


  mrdsgs 17:40 12 Feb 2005


you would use a pci sata card to add sata to a motherboard without built-in sata ans/or to add extra sata drives.

you need to copy the contents of a directory on the motherboard cd to a blank floppy

on mine the directory is cd drive \other\Sil\si3112r\Si3112r

this directory should contain the file Si3112r.inf

if you are not looking to setup RAID then the directory route is the same but withour the "r"

hope that helps


  Liza 17:54 12 Feb 2005


Thanks very much. I'll do as you say.


  Liza 17:54 12 Feb 2005


Thanks very much. I'll do as you say.


  mrdsgs 17:56 12 Feb 2005

let us know if you manage it.

if you get stuck contact me by email via the yellow envelope.


  ensonricky 18:01 12 Feb 2005

My advice would be to load the latest SATA drivers onto a floppy after downloading them from your motherboards manufacturers website.

  cycoze 00:21 13 Feb 2005

I dont know what model of GigaByte board you have but there setup i am sure will be much the same, there will be 2 lots of drivers, one lot for SATA and another for RAID, make sure you have copied the correct ones by reading your Mobo manual.


Sil3112 is the Sata driver .
Sil3112r is for RAID use .

  Liza 02:51 13 Feb 2005

Mrdsgs, Ensonricky, Cycoze
Thanks for your help I have now got it going. I visited the manufacturers website and downloaded a new driver and that did the job. Sorry but what is the difference between sil3112 and sil3112r, cycoze? Thanks

  mrdsgs 10:08 13 Feb 2005


glad it is working

as both I and cycoze have said the "r" is for RAID.

In simple terms , with 2 identical drives, setting up a raid array enables you either to have one hard drive "mirror" the other automatically in case one fails, or to "stripe" data across both drives. With the stripe setup your pc would see 2 120 gb drives as 1 240gb drive and in effect it would work faster, but if either drive fails you loose everything!

If, as I suspect, you have one hd as C: and the other as perhaps d: then you are not using raid and therefore you should be using the driver directory without the "r"


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