Sata Drives

  osben 14:44 04 Feb 2005


I am upgrading my motherboard to an Asus A8V deluxe which incorporates Sata. Will my existing ATA hard drive work with this board if I use the sata connections for it.

Secondly, if it does work, will I be able to connect it up and all the software I have on the existing Hard Drive including the operating system work or what.


  mattyc_92 14:49 04 Feb 2005

Hi, if you change your motherboard and it doesn't have SATA ability, DON'T worry.... You can buy a "Serial ATA PCI controller card" which, as the name suggests, fits into a PCI slot on your motherboard...

If you change your motherboard, then windows XP will need "re-activating" (if you are running XP)

You can make 3 changes to you hardware, but after the third you will need to reactivate windows.... I think that a motherboard change is classed as ALL the hardware changes in one go... So the answer is YES you can use everything on your current hard-drive as it is, but you will have to phone Microsoft for a new activation code (you can't access the interent, because you wont be able to log into your area)...

Hope this helps you...

  LastChip 14:57 04 Feb 2005

Your existing hard drive would connect into one of the two UDMA slots.

Whether your operating system would work or not, depends on a number of factors, not least of which, is the operating system you are currently using.

  Completealias 14:57 04 Feb 2005

If you mean can you connect your ATA drive into the SATA connector then the answer is no as they use a different connector but your new board should still have IDE connectors on it for connecting your hard drive to.

Am not sure if you can get a lead that will connect an IDE drive to an SATA connector.

As far as I remember xp home will allow 5 major hardware changes but I should think that a format and reinstall would b a good idea anyway as your new motherboard will have a new chipset and drivers etc

  Modo 15:13 04 Feb 2005

Your hard drive can work.

I don't know the mobo but it will surely have at least one ide (for the optical drives) and probably 2. You don't want to be mixing optical and hdd off the same header.

If it doesn't have 2 you can get an adapter from an SATA cable.

The rest will be in the BIOS but if it's a new board and you have XP the only problem you are likely to face is XP activation as said earlier.

  goonerbill © ® 16:53 04 Feb 2005

you ATA (UDMA) hard drives will not connect to SATA connectors as they are different.

also would suggest ASUS A8N instead of A8V. in a resent test they got great marks and outperformed all the latest AMD based motherboards.

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