SATA drivers and XP SP2

  Ancient Learner 21:09 30 May 2005

I've just been reading a comment on another thread that SATA HDD are the best to buy.

There is a problem with them as far as I know though, in that Windows does not include any drivers for these drives and you need them on a floppy or CD which you use somehow. I know about the idea of pressing F6 during the initial stages of a Windows installation, but how you deal with it when just adding a new addittional HDD I don't know.

Also there is a problem, at least I have one, in that I can't get F6 or F8 (for a safe mode,) to work. I wonder if this is because I have one of these fancy keyboards which give the 'F' keys two uses, and the 'F' facility doesn't work until the 'F-Lock' button on the keyboard is pressed, which doesn't work during the booting up process!

Do we know whether M/s. are yet including the drivers for SATA HDDs in the present editions of Windows, or will we have to wait for a new incarnation.

  gudgulf 21:28 30 May 2005

It does depend on what system you have....for example I use an Asus P4P800 Deluxe which has an Intel 865 chipset.This DOES support SATA drives without any extra drivers.I have one SATA drive in the pc.I just plugged it in from new and installed Windows in exactly the same way as with an IDE drive.I could have elected to use a RAID 0 array instead if I wished as that would not need any extra drivers either.In fact the only time I would need any additional 3rd party drivers with this board is if I wanted to set up an IDE RAID array.

Many boards do need extra drivers though and I agree it is high time that all new motherboards had SATA as the default and Windows supported it so that no extra drivers were needed.It often adds an unnecessary complication to the setting up of a new pc.

Maybe someone out there knows the reason for this but my suspicious mind trends towards legal/licencing issues with the third party RAID/SATA controllers that many motherboard manufacturers use.So please correct me on this if you know the answer folks.

  ACOLYTE 21:32 30 May 2005

Im not 100% sure but once the SATA drivers are loaded off the floppy you can add another drive just by connecting it to the mobo as the drivers are already in place,as for the F6 button is your keyboard a USB type? if it is try looking in the bios for USB keyboard support and turning this to ON this may get the buttons to work,or if not you may need to get an adapter to add on the end of the cable to make the keyboard the PS2
type these usually come with new keyboards so you may already have one.I have a Logitech multimedia keyboard and the F keys have 2 functions Enhanced and Standard,mine is a PS2 type and i have no problems with the F keys.
As for the last part as far as i know windows doesnt come supplied with SATA drivers,maybe they will in the next OS who knows.


  Ancient Learner 21:52 30 May 2005

My Keyboard is a Logitech multimedia one and is connected, not by USB, but as a normal PS2 board. It seems that my K/board is enhanced until I press its 'F-Lock' and then I can use the 'F' keys.

It wouldn't surprise me, if, in this enlightened world we live,, that when I really want to/have to do a reinstall of Windows, and I have to use 'F6', I will have to out and buy myself a bog standard K/board in order that I can do it!

In the current situation, one might reasonably expect that the HDD manufacturers would sort it out themselves and eleviate a problem that their new(?) technology causes, but it seems that they choose to ignore it.

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