SATA Drivers

  Ancient Learner 16:25 16 Sep 2005

These things are the bain of my life.

I thought that I had a floppy with them on, but it seems not to work.

My Hard Drives are Maxtors, and the motherboard is an Asus K8VSEDX.

I assume that the drivers are on the Asus web site, but they are avoiding being obvious. Can any one help please.

  ICF 16:54 16 Sep 2005
  GaT7 17:21 16 Sep 2005

If required, all the drivers, manuals, utilities, etc for your motherboard can be found at click here. G

  Ancient Learner 19:24 16 Sep 2005

Thank you for the replies. However, the VIA Arena file is far too big to go onto a floppy disk, and a floppy disk is what Widows insists on!

And the ASUS site is not at all clear as to what I need to download.

  keith-236785 19:29 16 Sep 2005

read your motherboard manual (or check the readme file on the motherboard driver disc).

not sure about asus but i have a Asrock (asus poor relative) and i had to boot my pc with the mobo cd in, follow the wizard to create a boot up floppy disk with SATA (raid) drivers on (you will need a blank floppy obviously)

simply insert and press F6 at the prompt in winXP install and it all goes ok. (seems to carry on without reading the floppy, dont worry it does get there eventually).

read the read me file, its how i found out.

  Ancient Learner 19:46 16 Sep 2005

Thank You. The trouble is that I have neither CD nor Instruction manual. The SATA drive was installed on the PC when I bought it.

  GaT7 20:17 16 Sep 2005

Download the manual from click here.

Use ICF's first link to download the drivers. If you've done so already, I think this is how you get the SATA drivers on to a floppy (my words added for clarity in the [brackets]):

"To create the driver [floppy] disk for Windows installation, you need to copy the contents [to the floppy] of the folder named DriverDisk in the zip file [you downloaded], but not the folder itself - just the contents." [this taken from ICF's link]

If you still have problems making the driver floppy post back.

If no problems, follow paperman27's steps to install. G

  Ancient Learner 21:10 16 Sep 2005

Thank you. I did as you said. The download, unzipped and contained DVRdsk, which I assumed was what I wanted. Copied that to a floppy, and it seemed to work, in that process moved on a fraction, only to now say that 'The file txtsetup.oem could not be found'.

Blooming heck. What is it on about, and why has it got to be so awkward.

  GaT7 21:55 16 Sep 2005

Have you copied the CONTENTS of the DVRdsk folder to the floppy? Namely, NOT the folder itself.

As an example this is what my mobo (a Gigabyte Socket-A) SATA floppy looks like click here. If you notice there are no folders present, only files. G

  GaT7 22:09 16 Sep 2005

"Blooming heck. What is it on about, and why has it got to be so awkward." - yes, I know how you feel. I had difficulty too when installing my first SATA drive. Thankfully, the Gigabyte support pages are less cluttered & easier to find solutions than the Asus one.

I'd purchased 2 identical SATA drives to give RAID a go, but after the mini nightmare of installing one SATA drive, I've put it off indefinitely. I'd rather have a functioning system than a RAID setup that may not even boot. G

  Ancient Learner 22:25 16 Sep 2005

AH!. AH! UM!

Yes! Tomorrow I will try again.

I am being harassed by she who has to be obeyed. I've had my turn, and now my lady wants her's, you see.

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