sata drive won't recognise or start win xp??

  Tony 07:28 17 Sep 2005

Good morning. This is a tough one but i'm sure you guys will be able to help.

A clean reinstall on a sata 120gb maxtor in a 3200+ 64 bit cpu asus machine ran well for 6 weeks. Now it can't get past windows xp on black screen and eventually restarts computer after a minute or so. A two week old clone of this drive starts fine so the first drive is removed and hot swapped into another sata computer.

In this situation the drive will spin/power up but after several minutes of trying only shows as local drive (not it's label) but not it's true label and the drive won't do anything e.g right click properties or open.

Any idease please??

  Yoda Knight 09:30 17 Sep 2005


  gudgulf 10:28 17 Sep 2005

If the drive is not being read by a second computer it could be that the drive itself is faulty.

Do you have any important information on the drive?If not you could try recovering the clone back to the drive with problems.

If you have a full XP disc try a repair installation....or run CHKDSK from the recovery console.

  Tony 11:05 17 Sep 2005

Thanks for that. We do need the data if possible. Could you please remind me how i get to check disk without windows starting? I think I did it once from the winxp disk?

  keith-236785 11:14 17 Sep 2005

if you have a cdrw drive, you could get the important data off by running Knoppix or some other live linux distro, i have done this myself and was relieved to save all my data even though i had a backup (albeit an old one).

then you could format and re-install windows onto the sata drive, if you still get problems then it must be the drive that is faulty.

good luck

  daxian 11:30 17 Sep 2005

hi tony ...
sata drives work a little differently to ide drives in as much as they need drivers to be set up prior to installation of windows .....
was you second sata drive setup identical to the first ....I.E. exactly the same type and make of drive ???
the simplest thing to do,is put the drive back in the original machine and try the safe mode boot route.....tap f8 as the machine is booting.
this gives you several options to try ,so starting with safemode ,if still no boot into windows then try last known good configuration and so on ...if they all fail to boot to windows then its time for a repair to the installation
"over the top " which leaves all your info intact ....hope this helps

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