SATA Drive and video editing problem

  faith5 00:09 20 Jun 2004

This is reaaly a video editing problem but it has only occurred since I installed a new SATA drive so perhaps someone may be able to help.

I have been capturing video using my IDE hard drives for ages with no problems.

As my mobo has SATA connectors I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the extra speed and add a SATA drive of bigger capacity (160GB) and use this for my video capturing and editing.

However, this has not worked out as expected and in fact I cannot use it for this purpose because I am dropping frames like there is no tomorrow whereas I don't drop any frames using the IDE drives which are half the size. As far as I know I have set it up OK - windows xp recognises the drive and I can use it normally for writing and transferring files etc. - and because it is only one drive I have disabled RAID and set the BIOS to Base.

I am new to SATA drives however and I feel that I must have done something wrong. Or is it because the capturing software is on the IDE channel? The software is currently on one IDE disk and I capture to the other one so I thought the same principle would apply by choosing to write to the SATA disk.

Has anyone who may be into video editing point come across this problem or had any success in using SATA drives? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Chegs ® 02:21 20 Jun 2004

I have,and my "cure" was to switch over to a SATA hdd only system.I was experimenting with a hdd speedtester,and kept seeing lower speeds from the SATA hdd's than I was getting from the IDE hdd's.I eventually removed the IDE hdd's and tried the speedtest on the two SATA hdd's.They showed a vast increase in speeds to the IDE hdd's.I then reinstalled the IDE and kept getting crap video renders,so fired up the speedtester app again.The IDE hdd was again faster than the SATA hdd's.Switched the IDE channel off and the speedtester again returned a vast improvement.Over the next few weeks I scoured the net looking for a "cure" to my "Incomplete RAID set.Press F4 to enter setup" if I switched my PC off overnite/few hours.I still haven't found a satisfactory "cure" I have to switch it on,then enter the BIOS and leave it on that screen for at least 10-15 minutes,before attempting to start windows or leave it on 24/7(which I usually do)I found out that linux users were having similar speed issues,but windows users apparently weren't.So,I opted to have SATA only system,and rarely have any probs video editing now,although occasionally I install an IDE hdd and everything still runs as fast as if its not there.

  faith5 00:02 29 Jun 2004

Many thanks Chegs - I think I will stick with the IDE channel for video editing, upgrade to a bigger drive when I can and keep the SATA drive for storage/backup purposes.

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