SATA drive

  tes 09:52 07 Nov 2003

Have just built a new comp using a asus a7n8x deluxe mb with wiwindows xp & using my old ATA drive as the system drive.I now won't to fit a SATA drive for video & photo's.How do I partition it?

  [DELETED] 10:07 07 Nov 2003

I used Partition Magic to create a 10Gb partition on the end of the SATA hdd(then installed XP into it)I had tried putting XP onto SATA (no IDE hdd's) without any partitioning,only XP kept crashing/losing files(2 x 120Gb SATA hdd's)Since I installed into a 10Gb partition a few days ago,I haven't had a repeat of ANY of the previous difficulties.

  [DELETED] 10:07 07 Nov 2003

Read the manual for instructions on physical connection of an SATA drive, and see if there are any settings in BIOS that you need to set.

When done, boot into XP. Click Start, Run, and type:


and press Enter.

Find the new SATA disk (it might be called Disk1). Right click it to see what options are available. The first time, you may have to initialise the disk. Select that if it is available.

Then right click again to select Create new partition, and follow the prompts.

If you want the disk to be bootable (now or in future), you may want to create a primary partition first. Specify the size and you'll be prompted to format. Select NTFS if original hdd is already NTFS.

After that, right click the remaining unallocated space and select Create new partition. This time choose an Extended Partition, taking all the remaining space. That will be created immediately.

Then right click Extended partition and select Create logical drive within the extended partition. You can create more than 1 logical drive within the extended partition.

Or, you can use the whole disk as an extended partition and create logical drives within, if you don't think you will be using the disk in future to put an operating system on it.

  tes 16:08 08 Nov 2003

temp003 on boot up it sees the sata dr as raid 0,but when I go into diskmgmt there is no sata dr.
I have Disc 0 c
cd rom 0 d
cd rom1 dvdE
The only referance to sata dr is on boot up when it asks if I want to set up a raid set which I don't

  Rayuk 16:49 08 Nov 2003

Have you installed the sata driver?

  [DELETED] 17:05 08 Nov 2003

Did you get offered the option to install the SATA driver during the install of XP(press F6 during setup)If you did,make sure you install the correct SATA driver(SI3112,not SI3112r)Both these drivers should be on the mobo cd and it needs copied to floppy.If you use this method to install XP onto SATA,you can also use XP partitioning tool to partition the hdd in whichever fashion you require.

  Rayuk 17:16 08 Nov 2003

His os is on normal eide drive sata is for storage

  tes 19:05 08 Nov 2003

Thanks all I hadn't installed the drivers

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