SATA Disks and RAID 1

  Brett_PFC 23:16 12 Mar 2006

Hi There peeps

Just wondered if you could help.

I have a server with 2 SATA Maxtor 200gig, 150 disks in

I have a spare SATAII Maxtor 200gig, 3.0gb disk

if one of the server disks goes wrong can i slap the new in and start mirroring again.

the only difference i can see between the spare hard disk and the ones in the server is this transfer rate if thats what it is - server ones 150mbps but new one 3.0gb

Or do they have to be the identical model in every way both in capacity and transfer rate - everything else is the same - buffer rate, seek time etc

  LastChip 23:30 12 Mar 2006

But they will default to the lowest common denominator.

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