SATA detection and FSB

  cycoze 20:30 01 Nov 2003

I have just finished putting a new case together , AMD XP 3000 with Thermaltake Volcano11 cooler on a GigaByte Triton GA/7N400 Pro2 motherboard , 1 gig DDR400 memory , 2 x Maxtor7200 Serial ATA 80 gig hard drives , GeForce 256MB graphics card , Creative sound card.

Everything is nicely seated and i have powered up and accessed the Bios , both HDD`s are SATA , neither shows until exiting the bios where they are mentioned under RAID setup.

I do not really want to bother with a RAID setup , is this interfering with the drive detection ? does it need to be turned off ? if so how ?

Also would like to know what to set the FSB Frequency at , its set to 166 MHz , options available are 100/133/166/200 , any ideas .

  cycoze 22:05 01 Nov 2003

The First boot device is SCSI , second CDROM.

The SATA/RAID/SCSI boot order is SATA.

The Onboard H/W Serial ATA is enabled.

Serial ATA function is set to Base.

I have noticed that my DVD and CD-RW drives are showing up as ATA33 using an ATA133 cable , any ideas?

  DieSse 23:44 01 Nov 2003

"I have noticed that my DVD and CD-RW drives are showing up as ATA33 using an ATA133 cable , any ideas? "

Because they're almost certainly ATA33 devices.

  cycoze 23:53 01 Nov 2003

Is that because all CD/drives are ata33?

And any ideas regards the SATA problems .

  whybe 00:05 02 Nov 2003

The AMD info should tell you what the FSB is. I have an AMD2800+ with 333Mhz FSB. In Bios instructions you multiplied the setting by 2 to get your FSB ie setting 166*2 (Asus board). A quick but not too helpful look at the AMD site indicates your processor is 400Mhz FSB therefore your setting equates at 200. Care I found the only reference to FSB on the AMD packaging not in the instructions.

  cycoze 01:17 02 Nov 2003

Thank you for the explanation whybe.

I have re-read the Mother Board manual , its a little confusing all round , if the boot sequence scsi first cdrom second , nothing happens.

Change it to cdrom first , scsi second then i can access Windows setup , this brought more confusion , files need to be copied from the Mother Board cd to 2 floppies , the 2 folder`s also have folders of the same name within them (sil3112r and sil3112) .

Once installed , Windows setup continues to the Licence agreement , this brings a new problem , im told to hit F8 to agree , nothing happens .

  Chegs ? 02:19 02 Nov 2003

During install of XP it should pause and offer to press F6 to install the SATA drivers from floppy.The one you require will be sil3112 as the "r" is RAID setup.Mine kept doing same(F8 did nothing)until I installed the sil 3112 driver,it tells windows the SATA drives exist and are available for XP. :-)

  cycoze 02:26 02 Nov 2003

I have been installing both sets! either way when i press f6 nothing is happening , setup proceeds and ask me to press "s" to install the drivers , however on the same screen it shows "none" HDD`s.

I`m at a loss.

  cycoze 02:39 02 Nov 2003

I`m going to leave it till the morning (later this morning) and i`ll try it on"base" using just 1 drive , i assume i will be able to add the extra drive later.

  Chegs ? 03:16 02 Nov 2003

Check your BIOS settings are as posted above."BASE" is the setting I use and have both SATA drives appear once XP is loaded.I used to have my OS on SATA hdd's(removed IDE)but each install of XP "broke" after restarts(missing .dll's/files corrupt/SATA drives vanished,etc)and after several weeks of multi reinstalls I gave up and replaced IDE to carry OS's.

  cycoze 13:35 02 Nov 2003

I have tried setting to boot from sata hdd`s by either raid or ata as follows-

advanced bios features>sata/raid/scsi boot order "sata"

advanced bios features>first boot device "scsi" this doesent work i have to change it to cdrom and put scsi as second boot device.

intergrated peripherals> onboard h/w ata/raid "enable"

the sata mode under serial ata function i have tried setting to both raid or base,on raid i can bootup to the raid facility but the hdd`s don not show up, its currently on base , and will not go further than "verifying dmi pool data".

If set to raid , during boot up , ide detection shows no drives , but when the onboard sata controller utility kicks in it shows primary channel maxtor and secondry channel maxtor .

When the cd installation of XP starts up it still does not detect a hdd.

Can the sata be picked up as ide ?

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