SATA connections

  Gran 19:26 12 Aug 2008

My MOBO has 6 SATA slots and four of these are in use. Numbers are 0 - 5. I need to make some room on the MB to install a new soundcard, I wondered if anyone could please advise me whether the SATA connections need to be contiguous. My drives are not in a RAID config.I would like to remove plugs 2 and 3 and put them into sockets 4 and 5. This would leave 2 and 3 empty, and would make the room needed for the new card. I'm not sure whether having slots 2 and 3 empty would cause problems with the drives connected to slots 4 and 5. Thanks.

  johndrew 19:31 12 Aug 2008

You can plug your drives into any socket you wish it makes no difference to operation. The system will find the drives at startup. But make sure you know where your boot drive is plugged in as you may have to tell the system at startup if you change it. I try to ensure my boot drive is into SATA socket 1, that way I always remember!!!!!

  Gran 20:35 12 Aug 2008

Thank you ever so much for that. Just what I wanted to hear. I'll give it a try tomorrow. The boot drive will not be moved, only the DVD drive and an auxiliary port. It was the DVD drive I was concerned about.
Thanks again.

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