Sata adaptor

  ian-206235 19:45 27 Mar 2005

I purchased a sata to ultra ata adaptor from pc world yesterday as I have an 80GB hard from my old pc that I wanted to fit it in this new pc ,have wired it up ,the light on adapter card is coming on but no life from the hard drive, windows wont even recognise its there ? any ideas please

  alan227 22:24 27 Mar 2005

Just a thought if your computer is running SATA, have you got IDE interface enabled in the BIOS?.

  Night Ryder 22:28 27 Mar 2005

What op system are you using and have you installed the software drivers for the SATA card?

Have you got both power and data cables attached to your SATA drive?

  ian-206235 22:37 27 Mar 2005

Running xp pro sp2 , and i dont know about the bios ,all cables are attached but never mentioned drivers ?

  THE TERMINATOR 01:06 28 Mar 2005

You need to go into BIOS and make sure that the interface for your hard drive is not set for IDE. You can get to the BIOS by pressing the DEL (or F1 possibly) key at startup.

  bremner 08:50 28 Mar 2005

Just to clarify is your old drive SATA or EIDE(ATA)?

  ian-206235 19:53 28 Mar 2005

My old 80 GB HD is ATA ,with the 40 pin ide connector on the back , my new Pc has only the 7 pin connector on it

  bremner 20:46 28 Mar 2005

Your motherboard surely has two IDE Controllers as well can you not connect to one of those?

  ian-206235 20:53 28 Mar 2005

I am getting power to the card it just doesnt recognise i have another HD connected ,motherboard has 4 power sockets on it

  bremner 21:06 28 Mar 2005

The question is still why not connect to the IDE on the motherboard.

In respect of the adaptor have you loaded any necessary drivers?

  ian-206235 21:23 28 Mar 2005

Oh no the mother board only has sata connectors no 40 pin ones

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