kwertyuk 12:35 19 Oct 2006

I have just bought a second SATA HDD to add to my PC. I need it to run as an extra drive alongside the existing one.

Basically i connected the new drive up, plugged it into the 2nd SATA slot on the MB but the PC does not pick it up - in the BIOS or anything.

I did this with 2 IDE drives once and apart from the fact they need jumpers they just worked straight away.

Any ideas why the SATA isnt being recognised, or even noticed?

  jimv7 12:52 19 Oct 2006

Is the drive sata 2 and plugged into a sata 1 connection, if so there could be a jumper setting on the drive to restrict it to sata 1 depending on the make of the drive.

I know maxtor has this jumper.

  vinnyT 13:04 19 Oct 2006

If you disconect the original sata drive, then connect the new drive to the first sata connection, is the drive found then?

  kwertyuk 13:50 19 Oct 2006

ive tried that. i took the old drive out .. and put the new one in on its own (into the first SATA port) and it still isnt found.

The new drive is a "Hitachi 250GB T7K500 HDT725025VLA380 SATAII 7200rpm 8MB Cache". There are no (obivous) jumper features on the drive whereas my old "Maxtor 6Y160M0" has jumpers.

  jimv7 13:54 19 Oct 2006

So its quite possible your motherboard only supports sata 1, if this is the case and the drive has no jumpers then think about a sata 2 pci card.

  kwertyuk 14:04 19 Oct 2006

That could be it. But i have been told by many people that SATA2 drives are almost always backwards compatible, and the HItachi's are the most so.

  kwertyuk 14:13 19 Oct 2006

I just looked at a few specs of the Hitachi Drives and it suggests the whole 7K series is backwards compatible with SATA1 :

click here

  jimv7 14:13 19 Oct 2006

Purely depends on the motherboard, my mobo accepts sata 1 and sata 2, a friends only accepts sata 1, his maxtor sata 2 hdd has to be jumpered to sata 1.

  kwertyuk 14:20 19 Oct 2006

so what do i do if the HD has no jumper slots?

  kwertyuk 14:23 19 Oct 2006

click here

Says right at the top that SATA drives operate without jumpers.

  jimv7 15:14 19 Oct 2006

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