inneedofhelp 17:29 24 Jul 2004

hello, just bought a new mobo which came with sata cables aswell as the normal ide cables. i want to use the sata cables but they dont have the same end connectors,therefore i am unable to attach to my i need some kind of connector/adaptor?

  flyingpeterpan 17:34 24 Jul 2004

You need SATA Drives first.

  inneedofhelp 17:36 24 Jul 2004

thanks peter oan, u helped me last nite too. hope hook is causing you too much trouble

  flyingpeterpan 17:46 24 Jul 2004

If you don't want to spend money on another SATA drive,you can buy a SATA adaptor which you can fit to the back of IDE hdd and then fit the SATA drive to it using the sata cable, but honestly I think this a bit of waste of money because you don't see much improvement especially if you 've been using Maxtor ATA133, the only real advantage is you'll have better air flow inside the case.

  Mister Splendid©® 18:03 24 Jul 2004

Sata will not in itself give you any speed advantage. To get any real benefit you would have to buy yourself faster hard drives. As posted above all you will gain is better airflow and your best option for better airflow would be to get yourself round ide cables for your existing drives.

  flyingpeterpan 18:03 24 Jul 2004

Sorry I meant fitting the SATA cable from the MOBO to the adaptor.

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