SATA 1 mirror

  Liza 10:20 18 Apr 2005

Does anyone have problems with SATA 1. Off and on after startup the screen flashes 'Incomplete raid set- press ctrl S or F4 for Raid utility. When I do this. There is really nothing one can do except delete and then recreate the set. But both actual and mirror get deleted and I have to start again. I have a ghost 9 to restore but its a nightmare because I also have to reinstall XP and have had to phone the States (free) to tell them I am the registered owner. Do you think my Seagate barracuda 80 gig drives are not ok. Do they need to be reformatted. Please help. Thanks. Liza

  Chegs ® 10:30 18 Apr 2005

I know the feeling,boot up and get that "Incomplete RAID Set" message.I used to get it repeatedly with my previous pair of Maxtor SATA HDD's.They eventually died(within a week of each other)but not before I had sussed a way to almost completely eliminate the messages appearance.I switch on,and then enter BIOS screen(not to alter anything)where I leave the system for approx 20 mins(it gives the SATA's a chance to wake up and get near their operating temps)I only had to do this after a "cold boot" once running,they behaved properly.

I had a hunt round the net,found alsorts of suggested fixes(updating firmware on the SATA controller/SATA HDD,applying other "fixes" etc)but nothing but a bit of patience worked.

  Liza 20:49 18 Apr 2005

Thank you Chegs I'll try that and let you know.

  Liza 12:01 19 Apr 2005

Sorry Chegs it didn't work. In fact another line of incomplete set .. appeared so XP took upon itself to reinstall its os into the FAT32 drive of scsi hd thus making the SATA drive unusable. It loves to do that, install os on ide or scsi. Those 2 lines of incomplete set are still there which means I have not gone into raid utility. I wonder if google can help? Liza

  Klof Ron 12:56 19 Apr 2005

When you re-install WinXP do you press F6 to install the SATA drivers, and then go on to set up the RAID, have you tried RAID O? I think a complete reformat would be a good option to try before you decide the drives are trashed. Good luck.

  Liza 18:33 20 Apr 2005

Yes, Klof Ron, when the SATA drives are connected I press F6 for sata drivers to be installed from floppy and XP to complete installation on SATA. When the installation is done I then reconnect the other drives: ide ntfs and scsi fat32. Now when there's a hiccup as at present XP appears on screen asking for the XP disk to install OS on one of the remaining drives.
I was thinking of RAID 0 but never tried. I think I'll do so now, failing that, reformat. Thanks, Liza

  Chegs ® 19:13 20 Apr 2005

I think its possible that during use,the SATA drivers files are "lost" by XP(fragmentation)particularly if using the non certified SATA drivers(if you get this warning when installing XP?)Its almost as if these "alien" drivers are held by XP somewhere not to permanent(page file?)and this then creates a prob for XP during boot(it looks where it left the driver) and its missing.

I think along these lines as if a PC is a living thing. :-)

  Liza 19:42 20 Apr 2005

Hello Chegs
Yes that could be true. Also there is the time factor (30 days) to activate XP. I dont do it quickly in case SATA defaults. However I'll see how I get on with RAID 0. Liza

  Chegs ® 21:49 20 Apr 2005

Its possible to install and activate upto a dozen times over the net before XP asks you to "phone it's home" (Been there,done that)so waiting a while before activation is a good idea(Just one I'm unable to do,the nag screen winds me up) :-)

The other way to avoid the message,is to leave the PC on 24/7.I do,and to stop all this things energy going to waste,I run [email protected] :-)

  Liza 22:59 20 Apr 2005

Not certified before SATA broke down this time. But previously the drivers were certified, at times even upgrading to XPSP2 but the same problem occurred, SATA did not last. Like you I tried to get help without success even went to Google where I read similar problems from other people, some even said they felt so useless at not being able to solve the problem when they always felt they were experts.

I switch mine off probably that also contributes to the problem.

  Liza 00:26 22 Apr 2005

Klof Ron

Just to let you know I have formatted my drives through XP and switched to Raid 0. My drives have been reported to be healthy and are working very well, so far! I think I will skip SATA 1 for now. Liza

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