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  pookie 19:33 14 Aug 2008


i have contacted navman already but no reply as yet.

I have a new navman s50 3d which i think is great. This is probably a really simple question but i can't find the answer in the manuals.

My sat nav came with uk and ireland maps installed. If I want to add say europe maps I go online and pay for it. However, say there are changes to uk and ireland maps eg new road in liverpool, new roundabout in etc etc then do i need to update my existing uk and ireland maps or does the gps system add those new details to my screen automatically as i approach them? there is an 'automatically check for updates' feature on the softaware that came with it but i think that is more operating software updates - or would that be be updates to existing owed maps as well?

many thanks


  Halmer 19:42 14 Aug 2008

I have downloaded the software that came with it and I simply attach the device to my PC and press the update button. It comes up with the updates that you have referred to above quite frequently as well as updates to the software itself.

  Daiol 20:05 14 Aug 2008

TomTom is the one to go for all updates are free you only pay if you req extra maps etc.'you shuld have gone to tomtom'.

  pookie 10:19 17 Aug 2008

as an update Navman have replied and said that they update maps about once, maybe twice, per year and you have to pay for those map updates.

I have queried this with them as tom tom do for free. I'll let you know what they reply with.

I have only had my navman 1 month so have said i'll take back to shop and get tom tom instead.


  anchor 13:51 17 Aug 2008

TomTom do NOT provide free map updates, unless it is within 30 days of purchase.

What you do get free for a year, is Mapshare:

click here

You also get QuickFix, which speeds up location of the satellites.

click here

  pookie 18:27 17 Aug 2008

thanks for this.

I got the 'free updates for tom tom' from some tom tom owners who said that. I don't know so can only go by what they said


  pookie 18:29 17 Aug 2008

out of interest has anyone used this: click here

for a navman?

  anchor 09:32 18 Aug 2008

pookie: I can assure that what I have told you is correct.

Neither TomTom or, as far as I know, any other manufacturer give you regular map updates free. Perhaps the information given you refers to Mapshare.

No, I have not used the navx com speed camera data base; (nor heard of anyone who does). Personally, I subscribe to the TomTom service, which updates weekly. However, it seems that many UK TomTom users prefer the Pocket GPS World ones.

click here

  anchor 09:46 18 Aug 2008

By the way, the Pocket GPS World data base works on many makes of SatNav, including a whole range of Navman models.

click here

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