sassered with nowhere to run to

  boybrown 00:24 08 Jan 2005

G*d this has been a bad day!

Have got the sasser.exe running free on the computer. I have tried all the previously recommended tricks i.e. stinger, safe mode etc. Nothing is working and i've still got sass.exe runnning in task manager and it won't let me shut it off. Has anyone any new ideas?

cheers (i have not got much hair left to tear out!)

  johnnyrocker 00:28 08 Jan 2005

os? and if xp did you run stinger with system restore disabled?


  hillybilly 00:30 08 Jan 2005

Tried this click here

  LinuxPenguin 00:35 08 Jan 2005

if that one doesnt work, nod have their own removal tool, highly recommended : click here - dropdown list on that page for it...

  boybrown 14:30 08 Jan 2005

Hi Folks,

NOD and stinger both failed to pick up the sasser file on scan which I find strange! NOD did pick it up when sasser tried to do anything on the comp. It not has sasser.exe running in the task manager but it seems not to be doing anything. Have tried to stop the process but still says thats its a critical task. have at least managed to run all security updates for windows.

Can I just leave it where it is?



  JoeC 14:58 08 Jan 2005
  boybrown 16:16 08 Jan 2005

Hi Folks,

Once again this forum never ceases to amaze me with everyone's help. Thanks to everyone that came up with suggestions. I'm pleased to say that sasser seems well and truly defeated.

Cheers to all

me :o)

  toni b 16:24 08 Jan 2005

Can you please establish what you done to fix the problem so others may see for future reference Thanks Toni

  boybrown 17:34 08 Jan 2005

Hi Toni,

Yes of course i'm sorry. The link to the microsoft fix was the final one that cleared it off as well as downloading the security fixes and service pack 2. The security fixes blocked the ability of the sasser to be able to do any further damage then the fix from microsoft finally cleaned it off the system


tom :o)

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