Sapphire Radeon X800 128MB GDDR3 PCI-E

  Ade_1 13:43 04 Jan 2006

Does anyone know what psu i wouldd need fro this. Ihave a 305w but i know i can run a graphics card needing 350w on it so i was just wondering if someone knows how much it needs as i cant find out. Heres link for it click here

If anyone knows any other decent cards which would run ok with my machine and PSU. (region of £100 or less) (i hear Dell underrate aswell as i gather its possible to run a 6600GT needing a 350w psu so)

Here is some of my details aswell for my PSU


AC Input (50-60Hz) 100-120v - /9A
200-240v -/4.5A

DC Output +5V=/22A +3.3V=/17A
+12VA=/18A +12VB=/18A
-12V=/1A +5VFP=/2A

(i know this is repeated in another post of mine but i feel a fresh post would be better as its quiet long the other one)

  007al 14:17 04 Jan 2006

This card click here that i posted in the other thread.As i said,its the newest chip that ATI are producing.It`s 90nm which makes it run cooler and needs less power.It has shader model 3,12 pixel pipelines which is similar to the nVidia 6800gt.

  Ade_1 16:50 04 Jan 2006

you suggest i go fro that one ahead of what im looking at? I am going off the 6600GT as others seems better which need less power. How much power does the X1600 actually need? Unless i am blind lookign at the last post form other day.

  citadel 18:04 04 Jan 2006

x1600 appears to need a 350psu

  Ade_1 22:08 04 Jan 2006

ok thanks fr information, i might go for one lower down needing maybe a 300w see what i can get for that just to be on safe side i duno. What a choice i have!!

  007al 17:04 05 Jan 2006

In your last thread,you came to the conclusion that you will be able to run a card that recomends a 350W psu.Most mid range cards will recomend this.i sugest that,if you are that worried,to buy a new psu.Its not worth getting a lower performance card to suit your power supply.You will end up upgrading your pc around your psu,which to me,doesnt seem too good.

  Ade_1 17:11 05 Jan 2006

ok. I will think about it but may still consider the x800.
I will have to choose my PSU carefully (OBVIOUSLY)

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