SansaDispatch.exe always runs, but not in msconfig

  Batch 11:50 15 Dec 2008

I've purchased a Sandisk Sansa Fuze MP3/4 player.

In order to update the firmware I downloaded and installed SansaUpdaterInstall.exe from the Sansa website. Once installed, this detects the player every time it is connected to the PC and tries to update the firmware. I did this and it all went fine.

As I consider attempting to update the firmware every time is somewhat OTT, thought I'd just disable the autorun at startup (of SansaDispatch.exe). I looked in msconfig and couldn't see it there. I ended up scanning the registry and found it at:


and at


Now, my question is - why doesn't this startup appear in mscongfig (e.g. under Startup tab)? Everything else under the above registry keys does, so how (and why) does this "avoid" being shown in msconfig?

Also, another annoyance with this software - why on earth does it have to install at C:\Documents and Settings\Batch\Application Data\SanDisk\Sansa Updater? Haven't these guys heard of standards????

  brundle 12:01 15 Dec 2008

Use autoruns click here

  Batch 12:06 15 Dec 2008

Thanks brundle, but I want to understand how (and why if possible) this particular module avoids appearing in msconfig, given that all similarly listed items in the registry do appear there.

  Switcher 14:29 15 Dec 2008

Not all items which run a start up appear in mscconfig that is why programs such as Autoruns are so useful in identifying what actually runs at startup.

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