sansa [email protected] losing music from its memory

  losmil 11:15 24 Feb 2010

just bought a new sansa clip+ mp3 player,I have loaded about 20 or more commercial music cds , (no pirated stuff all paid for).
When finished there is still plenty space but the problem is that as I load up
from computer to my sansa clip+ I find that the cds loaded at the start have apparently disappeared from my music menu and when I check the mp3 player hard drive they do indeed seem to have gone, leaving only about 6 of the latest cds.
Its not a space problem the disk is still only half full.
I used windows media player but also tried a free cd ripper to no better effect.
What am I doing wrong? any ideas? thanks.

  Woolwell 12:17 24 Feb 2010

Are they on the memory card or the clip's memory?

I have the basic Clip (no +) and have never had a problem syncing with WMP. No loss of music cd's at all.

  losmil 12:28 24 Feb 2010

getting a bit confused here, I am not using a micro sd card so I presume you mean the clips memory, I have no problem with wpa syncing, its just that the downloads to the clip memory seem to disappear but the ones that have "disappeared" still appear to be occupying the clip memory! most mysterious

  Woolwell 12:58 24 Feb 2010

The only thing that I can think of is to do a reset on the Clip. Press-and-hold the Power button for approximately 20 seconds, and then release the power
Could you play the songs that have now "disappeared" before loading the others?

  losmil 13:15 24 Feb 2010

yes, tried the reset to no avail,yes could be played after synching to clip but the early downloads have"gone"

  Woolwell 13:21 24 Feb 2010

Try posting your problem on the clip forum click here

  Woolwell 14:44 24 Feb 2010

Another thought - have you got the latest firmware update?

  losmil 15:14 24 Feb 2010

thanks woolwell, have updated the firmware as suggested I think I did it when I got it but have done it again just in case, If no joy will try the forum because there was nothing there relating to my problem ( I did have a look before posting on pc advisor.)
thanks for your suggestions

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