SanDisk ImageMate USB 2 Reader/Writer

  The Brown Rock 00:06 10 Feb 2009

I recently purchesed a Digital SLR Camera, together with 4GB Media Card and a SanDisk, ImageMate USB 2 (SDDR-189 All-in-One Reader/Writer) This device is operated with a "Transfer Button" the driver for which is downloaded from the SanDisk site. Having done so and been told by my computer that the download was successful I proceeded to operate the button on the device to be told "Type the path to a program that should open when you press the button on the ImageMate reader" And then! "SanDisk Transfer Button cannot find c:Program... Use the Browse button to select a program or copy and paste internet page..."
My best efforts to find a path to a program that will allow me to transfer my pictures have been in vain. I have Picasa2 Corel Paint Shop Pro, My Pictures etc. SanDisk ImageMate File was created at download but not recognised it would seem. To make matters worse I have lost the connecting cable between the camera and computer that came with the camera - can anyone get me out of this hole - the wife is waiting to see herself on the big screen?

  MCE2K5 00:59 10 Feb 2009

Whats the Make & Model of the Digital SLR Camera.

In what Format are the Digital Photos, i.e. .RAW .jpg .ARW

  The Brown Rock 23:29 11 Feb 2009

The camera is a Nikon D40 Digital SLR and I have selected jpg format. I have since found the camera/computer connecting cable and have transferred pictures without difficulty. Having said that, I would like to be able to use my SanDisk "button" transfer tool having made that purchase.

  The Brown Rock 00:14 27 Mar 2009

Having spent weeks in discussion with SanDisk Technical people I have failed to resolve the problem with "downloading" from this device.Only four of the eight card-readers are shown to be working - the SD reader which I require for my 'camera' card is not one of them. Having tested the device on a 'laptop' (all running 'vista') I descovered that the other four cards (only) worked on this? It would appear that Vista just does not support fully this card reader. My latest move of many was to download Service Pack 1 but to no avail. If there is anyone out there has a resolution for this problem, I, and I'm sure SanDisk would be glsd to hear of it.

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