SanDisk Cruzer flash drive

  exdragon 08:02 07 Aug 2007

Hi - I know there are some people using these memory sticks with U3 (click here(1904)-SDCZ7-2048-A10-Cruzer_Titanium_2GB.aspx) as I checked the Seach facility, but can't find the answer to my question, so can someone help, please?

They are advertised as letting you take your applications to another PC and you can open something on that PC even though the software which created it may not be present. At the same time, it says that you can only load U3-created programmes on to the drive. Furthermore, it says you can sync your Outlook files and take them with you. I did the sync bit and it copied all my emails, calendar etc, but can't see how to open the file on another machine.

Am I being totally thick here? Outlook isn't compatible with U3. I know that I can use it just as a normal memory stick to drag and drop stuff onto it, but wouldn't opening them be dependent on for example, Excel being on the 'other'PC?

I can't find the answers on the SanDisk site anywhere.

  scotty 12:20 07 Aug 2007

I bought a memory stick which had U3. I had nothing but trouble with it. I suggest you forget about U3 and consider trying click here instead. I find this arrangement provides just about everything I might want to use when away from my main pc. You can have an office suite (open office), Firefox browser, mail, messenger etc.

  exdragon 14:08 07 Aug 2007

Thanks, scotty, I'll have a look at that; I've already downloaded Firefox but still would like to know how to do the other things as advertised with the drive.

Anyone else any idea?

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