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Sandisk 16GB not recognized by radio

  Mariaan van der Merwe 04:52 09 Jan 2020

I recently bought bluetooth speakers with USB ports and 16 GB sandisk flashdrives. Problem is that the flashdrives are not recognized by the speakers nor any radio with USB ports only on PC. Flashdrives is in FAT32 format. Other no name flashdrives in the same format is working perfectly on all devices, speakers radios ect. Please assist?

  john bunyan 07:52 09 Jan 2020

Maybe this might help?

flash drives

  mrgrumpy 10:41 09 Jan 2020

Hello Mariann , You do not say what you are wanting to do with the flash drive , do you have some music on it that you cant get to play , if so I think I have the answer.

I put music from my pc onto a flash drive then plug it into my car and it plays the music no problem , it is a Ford car.

My wife has a VW car and the music system will not read what is known as the album cover information so it wont play the music. But this is what I do , In the my music folder on my pc I do 1 left click so the album opens past the cover art and shows the contents of the album , I then do right click "send to flash drive" , when I put the flash drive into her car the music will play.

You could be having the same problem , ie it is not recognised because your set up cant read the album art information to get past the music.

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