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Samsung video camera tapes to CD

  Hetti 14:54 06 Sep 2013

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but could not see anyplace else that was suitable. I have an old Samsung Video camera model VP-L320 that used tapes,I wondered if it is possible to transfer my tape content to disc as it never get viewed on the tape. If it is possible is it difficult to do and what equipment will I need?

  hastelloy 15:36 06 Sep 2013

If you have a DVD recorder you could play the tape from the camera and record it directly onto DVD. You could then transfer it (drag & drop or copy & paste) to a PC for editing.

  woodchip 15:38 06 Sep 2013

Is it Analogue or digital?

  woodchip 15:41 06 Sep 2013

Digital are only small tapes not like Cassette player tapes

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