sunnystaines 14:25 16 Jan 2013

Seen in JL two laptops

1]Samsung 350V5C 15.6-inch Laptop (Silver) - (Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD, DVDSM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8)

2]Toshiba Satellite L875-12P PSKFNE-00F00KEN 3rd Generation Intel Core i5-3210M 2.50 / 3.10 Turbo GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB 1000 GB HDD, 17.3" HD Display, AMD RadeonTM HD 7670M 2GB dedicated Graphics, DVD-RW, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI Port, HD Camera, Windows 8-64bit,

any advice comments welcome I am edging towards the samsung as its £100 cheaper, do i need the extra ram would it be useful use for internet,office, photos

  Ventad 14:55 16 Jan 2013

I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 had for a few years now been very pleased with it, the L875 is far superior than mine, not only more ram than the Samsung larger screen Dedicated Graphics, Bluetooth ,etc the HMDI Port I use to just quickly attach to TV and I use it for streaming films ,BBC iPlayer,ITV iPlayer , TV Catchup, photos etc. my battery was failing and I purchased a genuine Toshiba heavier duty @ 1/2 the price of going direct to Toshiba at the end of last year £32ish.

  Ian in Northampton 15:27 16 Jan 2013

For Internet, Office and photos etc., I'd have said the Samsung would be just fine; I'm not sure there's any point spending the extra £100, unless you want to invest in a little 'future-proofing' (i.e. that may be all you want to do today - but what might change in a year's time?) Toshiba unquestionably have a good reputation on laptops, whereas Samsung are somewhat newcomers to the game - although I have to admit to being generally a big Samsung fan. You tend to get a lot of bang for the buck with their kit.

As Ventad implies, though, the Toshiba's larger screen is worth something - unless you value portability over screen size. The Samsung's (apparent) lack of HDMI out might be limiting in the future.

  sunnystaines 16:14 16 Jan 2013

thank you both for your tips, just popped into pcworld to see if they had these 2, some almost ident ones but different model numbers. what i found strange is [never tried in JL that none of the laptops had the fingertouch screens i know its just a gimmick but wanted to try it.

also they all seen to have bios i thought the news ones for w8 had done away with bios and had a mouse friendly new system, are they all old stock with w8 put on?

does w8 premium give any benefit over w8 normal for home users.

  Pine Man 16:36 16 Jan 2013

i thought the news ones for w8 had done away with bios

That's news to me where did you hear that?

  Ian in Northampton 16:51 16 Jan 2013

I'm not sure you can ever do away with BIOS... Different model numbers for almost identical models is how they get away with "never knowingly undersold" or its equivalent... I very much doubt that many PC manufacturers will come out with new models just for W8. Those who do are likely to have taken advantage of what W8 does in terms of its touch screen interface. It's perhaps slightly unfair to say that they're old stock with W8 put on - but that's about the gist of it in many cases.

So far as I can make out, there are only two versions of W8 (other than the RT version): 'basic' and 'pro'. According to MS, "Windows 8 Pro gives you all of the great benefits of Windows 8, as well as enhanced networking and data encryption features."

  sunnystaines 16:54 16 Jan 2013


I had read about "EFI" A new system that replaces the old BIOS & will be in new computers built for windows8. no need to navigate with arrow keys or up/down you can use a mouse.

  sunnystaines 16:59 16 Jan 2013

Ian thanks again for the imput. might have to pop back to JL trouble is they only have one assistant and you need to book a time slot to speak with him [dreadful service for such a good company] where as pcworld have many assistants but their knowledge in many cases is lacking or incorrect.

  Pine Man 17:03 16 Jan 2013

Thanks for that I have EFI on my PC and wondered what it was all about. There is still a sort of BIOS but it's different to the old sort.

Learning all the time!

  Ian in Northampton 17:13 16 Jan 2013

sunnystaines: you don't often see the words "PC World" and "knowledge" in the same sentence... :-) In my experience, they are utterly hopeless.

Re EFI: well, I never you live and learn. See here.

  Pine Man 17:15 16 Jan 2013

Further to the above I've just had a look and I have a Gigabyte-UEFI DualBIOS. A bit like the old style one but in colour and mouse controllable:-)

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