Samsung Ultraook Display Ghst Image Fault

  davidj5 08:18 21 Aug 2014

The left half of the display on my 1 year old series 7 Ultrabook has developed a ghost image background that makes display unreadable. Looks like screen does not erase completely. Samsung want nearly half the original cost of machine to repair as it is a couple of weeks outside their 1 year warranty. Has any one else seen this? Am assuming it is a screen fault but might it be the display memory. Not best pleased with Samsung as machine cost £1000 a year ago. avid

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:40 21 Aug 2014

Whats it like when plugged into an external monitor or TV?

Then be tempted to uninstall and reinstall the graphics drivers first.

  rdave13 19:02 21 Aug 2014

Could you take a photo of the screen and upload it to something like Photobucket and link the image here?

See if it's the same when the lid is partially closed or opened more fully than usual. It could be a bad connection.

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