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Samsung toner waste tank replace/install

  tonyq 14:09 10 Aug 2014

Hi,the golf club where I play have been given a Samsung clx-3180fw laser printer. When installed a message comes up, "Replace/install waste toner tank" Knowing absolutely nothing with regards to these kind of printers,do they have to be replaced or can they be cleaned out/emptied?

  BRYNIT 15:43 10 Aug 2014

I have cleaned the waste toner cartridge in a CXL3350W before but its not simple or a quick task as the toner can be messy and you need to make sure it is competently clean and dry before you use it.

You can buy a new cartridge for about £11 CLICK HERE or if you do a search may find it cheaper.

  tonyq 16:50 13 Aug 2014


Bought and fitted a replacement waste toner cartridge. Printer now printing, problem now is it is missing sections out. Can anyone offer advice as what to do to rectify.

  BRYNIT 17:45 13 Aug 2014

"Printer now printing, problem now is it is missing sections" could be anything from no toner to the main rollers needing replacing.

You should be able to print out a report telling you how much toner is still left in the cartridges and will also tell you how may prints available before you need to start replacing the main rollers etc.

If you do a search on google you may get some ideas on how to rectify this problem.

  tonyq 19:46 13 Aug 2014

I have viewed the toners via Samsung software and there is plenty in them. I could print a report but parts of the report will be missing as that is the problem.

  BRYNIT 20:40 13 Aug 2014

It's difficult to advise on a lazer printer as it could be various things that could be at fault. You could try removing and inspection the replaceable parts whilst looking for anything that might causing the fault but if your not careful you could cause more problems and some parts are expencive. It's a slow process and you need to make notes of what you are doing to make sure everything goes back correctly.

The first thing I would check is the toner cartridges. Remove them one at a time and check that the roller have an even coating of toner. If the roller looks like it has an uneven coating or looks like it has lines try tapping the cartridge to loosen the toner inside, carefully wipe the length of the roller with a dry cloth or tissue and then manually turn the roller to see if you can create an even coat of toner, put it back into printer and try again.

  tonyq 15:03 15 Aug 2014

Sorry about the delay in getting back. It sounded to be getting more complicated than I first thought so I emailed Samsung UK which included scans of the documents that had been printed on the Samsung printer.

Samsung Reply

"Thank you for your email. Your customer reference number is 00000000000. From the examples you have sent it looks as though the problem lies with either the imaging unit or the transfer assembly. In order to fix this problem, I would recommend a repair. If this is something that you would be interested in please let me know and I would be more than happy to help".

Sounds as though it may be better to scrap it off and invest in a new one!.

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