Samsung SyncMaster 226BW Help

  Sibbo 19:20 03 Jun 2008

On the strength of a couple of recommendations from forum members, and a lot of excellent online reviews, I finally bought the above monitor. I downloaded the appropriate 64 Bit Vista drivers from the Samsung site, only for them to crash my PC every time once it reached the desktop. The only way that I could stop the BSOD was to uninstall the drivers. This has left me unable to use the set-up software (Magic Tune Premium)to get the optimum settings, although Vista does allow me to use the monitor. Has anybody else had this problem, and if so, how can I get it sorted? Thanks.

  citadel 21:05 03 Jun 2008

have you tried natural colour pro from samsung as this appears to do the same thing. you can manually change with the buttons, brightness 25 and contrast 35 is what I found suited.

  Sibbo 21:51 03 Jun 2008

Natural Colour Pro will not install from the disc either.

  citadel 22:10 03 Jun 2008

could be the samsung 64bit drivers are not signed and vista won't load them.

  Dai Chyandour 09:15 07 Nov 2008

I bought this monitor, got driver instructions from samsung as it had no vista driver and most of it worked but not magictune. I downloaded latest drivers and got a blank screen. After rebooting several times I got it working again.

Here is samsung's suggestion (32 bit) but I have not done it. If it aint broke, etc (at the moment)

"Magictune is closely related to graphic card and most of problems are happening mainly by using old version of Graphic Card driver and old version of Magictune.

Therefore in order to find the reason of your problem, your system needs to be checked as to the following instruction which is the general step to check a problem by Magictune. Please check your system as to the following items before everything.

1. Please check whether the monitor is connected directly to the system(PC).(there should not be any device between the monitor and system(PC))

2. Please check whether monitor is recognized as "Plug and Play" by checking at

->Control Panel->Systems->Hardware->Device Manager->Monitor

3. Please check the version of your graphic card driver and install the latest version of Graphic card driver from the Graphic Card company web site.

4. Please try the latest MagicTune Premium(v2.0.17 for Windows VISTA 32bit). Updated version solved some compatibility problems and functions which customers had inconvenience.

You should uninstall previous MagicTune completely and reboot again before installing updated MagicTune.

5. Please find "User Account Control" of Windows Vista, and disable the function when you use MagicTune. If you disable "User Account Control" function, MagicTune could work properly.

If you have any other question or request, please feel free to contact us again.

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  Condom 19:41 07 Nov 2008

I really hope that you get this working OK as the 226BW is by far the best screen I have seen or used. That is the original 226BW before they got in to problems with some later models A & B I believe but the story is on site if you want to google and read about them.

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