Samsung SM172T - Ghosting Problem

  big kev 19:20 28 Oct 2003

I am very happy with the monitor, except when playing certain games, namely, FIFA 2003, Rugby 2004, NHL 2004 etc.

Has anyone else had blurring problems whilst gaming, or does anyone have any remedy?


Barton 2500
512MB PC3200
Sapphire 9800 non pro, but flashed to pro
Latest ATI driver

  DieSse 20:23 28 Oct 2003

If it's blurring on moving objects, particularly if it gets worse the faster moving they are - then it's probably just the fact that some TFT monitors have too long a persistence/too slow a refresh (whatever you want to call it) - and tough luck, it's a drawback of slow TFT monitors.

Does it have a quoted refresh rate longet than 16msec ?

  DieSse 20:28 28 Oct 2003

Just checked - it has a response time quoted of 25msec - that's a bit slow for fast game action.

  big kev 20:30 28 Oct 2003

I realise 25ms is a bit slow, but all the reviews I've read state that no ghosting occurred, I might contact Samsung then.

Cheers for the response.

  Djohn 20:31 28 Oct 2003

25 Ms response time, this should be more than good enough to give a good display. Do you have th correct setting of 1280x1024 at 60HRZ? j.

  Djohn 20:37 28 Oct 2003

click here and read the guide from Tom's hardware, a lot will depend on how the response time is measured. Some 20Ms will perform better than some 16Ms monitors, it depends on the testing method used. j.

  big kev 20:38 28 Oct 2003

I've tried 1280 x 1024 at both 60 and 70, seems to be the same on both.

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