samsung np540u3c ultrabook keyboard and touchpad not working

  nuri09 07:47 23 Sep 2013

hi! yesterday i dropped half of a cup of coffee on the left corner of my samsung ultrabook. Some of the buttons (from 'left ctrl' to 'w' and 'space' as an area) was totally in the mud of coffee including touchpad and 2 buttons of it. Immediately i turned of the pc, i didnt have chance to remove the battery as its embedded in the pc. Then right after turning it off, i dried all the wet surfaces i could see. i waited for a few minutes and kept using it again. i watched dexter for an hour or so then i turned it off again. here problem goes, when i open the pc touch pad won't work at all, and the keyboard is ok in the begining, but if i hibernate the pc and wake it up again or restart it, keyboard won't work either. to make the keyboard work again, i have to shut it down and start again. i reinstalled the touchpad driver but it didn't help. i think it can't detect the tochpad. now im writing this message with this semi-working keyboard and laptop. i want to ask how to fix it. thanks alot in advance.

  chub_tor 12:28 23 Sep 2013

These are the steps you need to follow to deal with a coffee spill If you take sugar it will have been even worse.

  nuri09 10:10 26 Sep 2013

4 days later suddenly touchpad started to work, i don't know what's going on inside this korean invention. in that case i have one more question if you don't mind, now may i assume that it will always work, that there was no damage inside and it just the wet surfaces got dry? or should i take it to service regardless how it seems ok at the momment?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 26 Sep 2013

Its possible it has now dried out and is OK

The fact you switched off and mopped up immediately probably saved it.

If anyone has a spill its switch off remove power and battery mop up and leave to dry in a warm place like airing cupboard for at least 24hrs before attempting to power on again.

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