Samsung NP350 charger help needed

  Samsinger 21:16 02 Aug 2014

I bought a replacement charger on Ebay two months ago and the lead has malfunctioned already - having to position it in certain ways for it to work

Until i can get another tomorrow or the day after, are there any tips people know of ? Maybe another charger for something else which might fit

These things dont last as long as they should

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 02 Aug 2014

are you sure its the lead and not the DC jack loose?

  Samsinger 23:00 02 Aug 2014

No because a similar thing happened to the previous charger, although that lead was older. I replaced it, worked perfectly find but in the last few days has been a real nuisance.

  spuds 23:38 02 Aug 2014

The point about purchasing chargers on Ebay or any other source, is the quality of manufacture, unless you buy the genuine product, brand new with warranty.

I have purchased oem chargers, and in one case had to notify Trading Standards due to the poor quality of the charger in question. It overheated very quickly, then fell to bits while trying to remove the charger from the wall socket. The issues learned from that, was the fact, the retailer didn't have a clue about electrical regulations, or the product he was advertising.

  alanrwood 11:33 03 Aug 2014

Hi spuds

I have bought at least 10 laptop chargers from eBay and never ever had a problem. I use the original to keep with the laptop to use if travelling. I install the eBay ones in my office and caravan where they are permanently on when I am in residence there.

The secret is not to buy the VERY cheapest one available but one that is just a bit more expensive. Same applies to Laptop batteries. Also look at the feedback for the seller.

With all due respect, even top manufacturers sell faulty items and have to recall product on safety grounds so it would not be normal for eBay chargers to have the occasional faults. It should also be taken into account that some of the manufacturers in China do manufacture these for the main brands and at the same time supply the same item to the OEM market which does not have the same high margins charged by the main brands.

Having worked quite extensively with manufacturers in the far east and China I accept that there are some poor manufacturers out there and it does require a little thought about where a purchase is made and all factors taken into account including the risk factor. The problems experienced are not as great as sometimes the impression given eg Apple telling people not to buy OEM adaptors and then having to recall their own adaptors.

  spuds 11:57 03 Aug 2014


I agree with you entirely. But with any electrical good, especially if its turned on and not observed might one day lead to a failure.

In the case I mentioned, fair dues to the trader, he was totally honest about not knowing the product he was selling or the regulations that might apply. On that occasion, Trading Standards saw fit to 'educate' the retailer, which led to a good outcome all round, I guess?.

  alanrwood 18:17 03 Aug 2014

Hi spuds

Glad we are in agreement. I just feel that sometimes some people exhibit an unreasonable paranoia about AC adaptors and batteries in particular when they do not really know enough about the product in the first place and the manufacturing constraints as second.

  Samsinger 12:21 05 Aug 2014

Thanks for replies

Managed to find the relevant adapter for my Logik multi. The Ebay seller is refunding me for the dodgy Samsung one.

  Nontek 13:49 05 Aug 2014

Just a couple of tips re Samsung charging .... Using a HTC1 Charger results in quicker charging, also when charging the Samsung first, go to Settings and choose Flight Mode, again the charging will be much quicker.

  alanrwood 18:14 05 Aug 2014

Higher charge rate (amps) comes from an increase in voltage applied which then results in possible overheating of the battery with consequent damage or reduction in battery life. It is not advisable to run this risk for a few minutes less in charge time.

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