Samsung Netbook NC110 Partition question

  eysha1 20:05 29 Nov 2014

I have the above netbook and am having a partition problem that i so need help with please. A while ago it went back to the shop for repair, however,i didn't notice that someone had divided the partition into a 25 gig and a 225 gig partition. The Windows 7 start-up was put on the C drive along with the programmes I installed but it ran out of room to update windows etc. I wanted to extend the C drive to make it bigger but it won't do it as the D drive is to the right of it so no continuous space to extend. I have tried all day to get one partition so I could then divide into an 80 gig for system and progs and the rest for my photos but cannot seem to do it at all The hard drive is as follows 100 megs then 25 gigs then 225 gigs then the rescue section so no space. The hard drive won't allow any more than 4 divisions either and I have 4 now. What can I do? I have tried formatting and reinstalling but no luck. Any help would so be appreciated. I even tried partition Pro but it won't work with win 7 starter. Thanks in advance. E.

  eysha1 21:09 30 Nov 2014

Thanks Robin, will try that tomorrow and let you know. E.

  alanrwood 10:19 01 Dec 2014

Not sure if you are doing this but you need to reduce the partition first and then expand the partition before it into the space created. 2 separate operations. Sorry if teaching you to suck eggs.

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