Samsung nc 110 error 651

  eysha1 17:10 02 Dec 2014

I got my Samsung partition done and reinstalled win 7 starter, however, it now tells me there is an error 651- how do I correct that please? Apparently there is a problem with the ether net controller, the network controller and the video controller. Maybe they are all linked. Please can someone tell me how to correct these faults and if I have to download something can you please point the way for me too, I would so appreciate it. The Netbook is working fine but I cannot get onto the internet so all help would be appreciated please. E

  lotvic 21:13 05 Dec 2014

I think I'd better leave this to SS as seems I've been looking for the wrong thing - I thought it was the LAN Ethernet cable to router connection.

Is it a Wireless connection you are trying to establish?

  eysha1 22:10 05 Dec 2014

Thanks Fruit Bat, will do that tomorrow as it is late now and I am shattered, I will let you know.

Will do that SS.

Lotvic, ok but many thanks for your time and help, all the help is so appreciated from everyone.

Will be back tomorrow and again many thanks everyone for all the help.

  eysha1 22:12 05 Dec 2014

Forgot to add, i am on Virgin wireless, or trying to be anyway, lol.

  lotvic 00:30 06 Dec 2014

vindevv, what th...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:50 06 Dec 2014

The issue is simple, its missing drivers for the network LAN card and the wireless card

  eysha1 16:33 06 Dec 2014

Fruit Bat, I followed your instructions and very many thanks to you - I am now on the internet. I will keep a copy of my daughter's drivers on a separate hard drive in the hopes that I/we never need them.

I want to thank everyone for their time and help - it is so appreciated so thank you everyone.

Fruit Bat is there anything else I need to do or is that it? I will put CC cleaner on and Windows defender - anything else you recommend? E.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 06 Dec 2014

forget windows defender and use AVAst free + malwarebytes free

That with CCleaner should work fine.

The best way to easily restore after problems is to make an image of the drive to another external drive. I use Macrium reflect as it is free and easy to use. the machine is then returned quickly to the same state as the day you made the image.

A lot quicker than reinstalling windows + drivers and all programs.

  eysha1 19:45 06 Dec 2014

Thanks Fruit Bat - will do that.

Again very many thanks to you Fruit Bat to everyone else too, couldn't do without this forum. E

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