Samsung ML 1210 laser printer prints grey

  Jacqual 18:06 19 Oct 2006

My printer is a couple of years old, and has been great. I refilled the cartridge with toner from U Refill Toner Ltd several months ago - no problem, back to great B&W prints. However recently prints began to go grey, so assuming toner was low I got another refill toner bottle.
This time printing remains grey. Although it is admittedly a cheap printer it has been as I said great. Do I need to buy a new cartridge, or throw it away and go shopping. Any suggestions?

  Totally-braindead 18:17 19 Oct 2006

Have you tried the Samsung site and seen if theres anything on that? click here

  €dstowe 18:38 19 Oct 2006

The cartridges contain all the apparatus for the transfer and fusing of the toner on to the paper. These don't last forever and one of the early signs of failure is greying of the print.

  jakimo 21:05 19 Oct 2006

Try this,remove cartridge and give it a good shake,if theres no improvement,then its a new\recon. cart. or do a search on Google and find a power-seller,you should get a new laser for £50ish,but make sure a cartridge is included

  Belatucadrus 23:05 19 Oct 2006

Sound like the print drum in the cartridge has worn out, you can either get a new cartridge, or if you feel up to fitting it get a replacement drum. Requires dissection of cartridge and tends to be a touch messy.

  woodchip 23:19 19 Oct 2006

You will find it needs a new drum, These come with the cart. That's why they are cheap. I have a ML-4500 Got my last Cart from choice

  Jacqual 18:41 23 Oct 2006

A bit of quick research suggests that a typical refurbished cartridge will cost around £40, although there are a few offers on ebay at around £25 (are these ok?), and then there is the option of a replacement drum for £12.99. I don't mind fitting a new drum, but a new cartridge for around £25 seems less trouble. Then again a brand new printer is only around £50. Tough decision if you don't feel comfortable throwing things away when they can be fixed. Any recommendations for a cheap but good quality refurb cartridge supplier?

  €dstowe 18:45 23 Oct 2006

I get refills of toner from click here

They may have what you require.

  woodchip 20:22 23 Oct 2006

got mine from choice, new compatible click here

click here

  Jacqual 11:54 24 Oct 2006

Thanks folks for your help. Sounds as though £38 is about the going rate so I guess I will go for that (unless anyone knows another source!)

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