Samsung LE40a456 Full HD??

  second best 19:09 05 Jan 2010

Hi all. Sorry if this should not be in here as it's not a computer question, but thought i'd give it a go anyway.

Bought the tv above prob about a year ago, badged as HD Ready.

However I can set my 360 to output at 1080P and it works fine. My brother has a vierra 32 inch. If he sets his to the same setting the screen is blank. I understand this to mean the tv cannot accept full hd signal.

I heard a rumour that this tv was badged incorrectly as HD Ready and is indeed Full HD. If i press the 'info' button onthe remote is is showing [email protected]

Any ideas, I can't find anything on the net.

  second best 19:50 05 Jan 2010

Hi Beta. Sorry you don't understand the question.

I'll try and be more clear.

I have a samsung 40 (supposed hd ready)as above. my brother has a pana 32 hd ready.

I can view my xbox at 1080p output on my tv. However, my brother cannot set his xbox to output 1080p as he only sees a black screen.

Hope this is clear.


  second best 20:58 05 Jan 2010

Don't worry about it Beta. I'm sure someone will figure it out.

All the info is there.

But for the sake of it, i'll spell it out for you.

I have a samsung 40. the model above. It is labelled as HD Ready, not full HD, yet I am able to output 1080p from my xbox 360.

My brother on the other hand has a pana vierra 32 as HD Ready. Therefore he cannot output 1080p from his xbox 360.

Meaning if my samsung is only supposed to be HD Ready, why am i able to output 1080p to it?

I really don't think I can be any clearer.

Thanks anyway.

  woodchip 21:15 05 Jan 2010

Resolution should not have nothing to do with if the TV can output HD. Neither size or resolution, if it says its hd then it is. black screen means the screen is set to wrong resolution and it does not support it, that does not mean its not nhd

  second best 21:17 05 Jan 2010

Hi woodchip, thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure if you've answered my question.

My tv, being HD ready, should output or display no more than 1080i or 720p, yet I am able to view full 1080p output from my xbox 360. This model tv is not Full HD 1080p, only HD ready.

I mention my bro's pana 32 hd ready only in comparrison as if he sets his 360 to output 1080p then his screen goes blank as he obviously can't display 1080p. there are no settings on the tv to change res etc. only in the 360 output menu can you change the res.


  second best 21:24 05 Jan 2010

Another point I was trying to make, is that there is an 'info'button on my samsung remote. If i press it while viewing sky tv, info shows [email protected]

If i press if while on 360 is shows [email protected]

Xbox is set to output 1080p. But my tv is only supposed to be HD ready, 1080i/720p. Not 1080p/[email protected]

Or am i missing something?

  second best 21:44 05 Jan 2010

I see Beta. Can you then explain why the info is showing [email protected]?


  second best 21:54 05 Jan 2010

ok, i do indeed had sky hd. I am watching nat geo hd. info is now showing 1920x1080(i)@50hz

if i switch to my xbox and press info it only shows [email protected] not 50, and no (i)

So back to my original question. I was told Samsung mistakenly sold this tv as hd ready, but it is actually Full HD. My brothers pana hd ready cannot accept 1080p form the 360.

  second best 22:00 05 Jan 2010

I have changed sky box back to 720p and info is now [email protected] Since there is no (i) i'm guessing that's the 720p in effect. meaning while viewing xbox and it shows [email protected] with no (i) then it is indeed 1080p.

  second best 22:03 05 Jan 2010

Thanks Beta, but i'm simply wondering why, if we both have xbox's and hd ready tv's that i can view the 360 full 1080p output, yet my brother can't. Added to the rumour I stated earlier about this tv actually being full hd.

Well, i'm no closer to understanding it then. But thanks for your input.

I'm guessing the tv can recieve the signal ok, but can't output it. Simply downscales.

Would this be the case?

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